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  • francozampetti francozampetti Sep 13, 2011 6:39 AM Flag

    Varchild raises view of GME skyhigh

    Tablet coming out in time for the Holidays. I understand that it's a low margin business etc. but, this continues to prove this Management team's resolve. They will continue to find the ways to drive customers into the stores which will then connect them to the digital world. HP has proven that any tablet, at the right price point , can fly off the shelves. Any way you look at it, the most recent announcements are wins.

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    • Analysts can be very idiotic.
      They think this is just about selling tablets.

      What about Spawn Labs? This will be a great way to introduce Spawn Labs next year...right off of a Android gaming tablet.

      Think about it!

      Think real hard how seemless it could be.
      Oroginally, back in Q1 earnings conf. call Spawn Labs was introduced to investors on investor days as Try before you buy.

      Imagine trying games like angry birds before you decide whether to buy it?
      An app store of sorts that you can demo across the board before spending your money.

      Amazon doesnt have that!

      Gamestop stores are also co-located usually next to coffee houses. I expect lots of Gamers could use the gaming tablets as a Gamestop on the go.

      This opens doors all over the place possibly all dependant of course on where Gamestop management wants to take it.

      Low margins for tablets? Bull Tell that to Amazon!
      Amazon makes a killing off of Kindle because of the books.

      Gamestop coild harness Spawn Labs to do the same here perhaps.

      All speculation of course but what would stop Gamestop from selling software on these tablets?

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