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  • varchild2010 varchild2010 Feb 12, 2012 2:30 PM Flag

    Can someone explain the drop?

    YAWN. What abject idiocy.

    Software sales jumped 9.9% in the 9 week holiday sales period.


    January saw the release of only one title and that title released too late in the month to be reflected in the NPD report; FINAL FANTASY 13-2.

    Meanwhile, Mass Effect 3 Collectors edition by 1st week of January completely sold out.

    Februaury this coming week sees the release of TEKKEN PRIME, UFC Undisputed 3, Alan Wake for PC, and Twisted Metal.

    We had a dry spell of ZERO SOFTWARE RELEASES in January and we get people freaking out about software sales weakness.

    Give me a break. PS VITA and Launch titles release in these next 2 weeks of Feb. MASS EFFECT 3 releases early March 6th.

    You can't make judgement calls based on overall sales figures. You have to separate the hardware sales weakness from the Skyrocketing software sales strength. Lets see how PS VITA does given analysts and Wall Streeters are expecting abyssmal sales of PS VITA. Anything short of that is a boost long term for Gamestop who is using their trade in program to boost sales of PS VITA.

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