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  • letxequalx03 letxequalx03 Feb 29, 2012 3:31 PM Flag

    The cash and digital online will not matter

    Just visited my local mall Game Stop with a Christmas gift card, ouch! Place is dead. And their sale swill be artifically inflated for last quarter due to these gift cards.

    This company is a dying entity. They can't complete with Amazon let alone all the other online game outlet competition and the looming Apple / Google type competitors sure to lock in most of the market.

    Game Stop is only a distributer, with ever shrinking retail sales looming, more store closures coming, and no end in sight. When they start bleeding cash, that is 'when' not 'if' this thing will plummet like a stone.

    My visit to the local Game Stop in Santa Cruz Capitola mall was depressing. I expect it to be one more closed store over the next year.

    People buy their games digitally these days and/or get their DVD copies online shopping. That trend will only accelerate. Even with their nice cash pile, Game Stop will not be able to gain enough traction in the digital world to achieve enough market share long term against all the competition, to make up for the coming fall in retail. They will have to overpay for any aquisitions and that still won't be enough to get them a big enough piece of the online pie.

    I'm out, and considering a short.

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    • Go ahead and short. I think you'll be overrun by those getting out of their short positions!
      March and April are historically VERY GOOD months for GME. IMO, there will be a run up to 26 pretty soon, maybe as early as mid-March. We'll see.

    • Try buying Mass Effect 3. At Amazon you get a $10 gift card so it is essential $10 cheaper there than at Gamestop.

      Used game market is propping up gamestop but u can use amazon and ebay to sell games.

      if games go all digital then gamestop is the middle man who will be cut out.

      bottom line, this company is in DEEP DEEP trouble.

    • I've been at a few Game Stops in the past few weeks in more than one STATE in the United States of America.

      I haven't seen "DEAD" in any of them. Some instances were a bit slow with just a few customers, and other instances were quite packed.

      The Michigan based ones more so than Virginia.

      Not sure what state you are from but there are locality issues. Some states dealing with much worse economic circumstances than other states.

      Some MALLS dealing with much worse economic circumstances than other MALLS.

      I have MALLS here in Michigan with hardly any stores in them cause businesses keep going belly up. Restaurants especially.

      And there are MALLS that always seem packed with customers, shops, and so on. Lots of business.

      So have to consider more than just a single visit to a single Gamestop at a given time in a specific kind of MALL.

      I'd like to more details about the nature of the MALL's other stores. Are the clothing stores getting business? Or is much of the MALL dead?

    • Incorrect, the millions of people who buy games simply to look at the "collectors edition" boxes and to impress the ladies will keep gamestop going for decades to come. Plus HIGH GROWTH digital is guaranteed to work in an overcrowded market. It's a sure thing.

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