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  • varchild2010 varchild2010 Mar 1, 2012 5:04 PM Flag

    Why MASS EFFECT 3 GME cheaper than AMZN

    Ok the argument is that because you get a gift card $10, in which if the same rules apply as last year is worthless to buy books for your Kindle Fire with, therefore Mass Effect 3 is $10 cheaper than Gamestop's Mass Effect 3.

    Problem is that Mass Effect 3 at Gamestop provides you with 3 free DLCs, that with Amazon you will be stuck hoping your $10 gift card is enough to acquire.

    Well...Good luck with that...

    There are apparently some pretty expensive DLCs that are for the Mass Effect 3 game.

    Gamestop's DLCs are:

    1) N7 Valkyrie Rifle

    2) N7 Defender Armor

    3) M55 Argus Assault Rifle

    Will your "Save a Bundle" $10 Amazon Gift card pay for all of those DLCs?

    Best Guess what the DLCs will cost you based on Mass Effect 2 DLC pricing is 320 Microsoft Points.

    That is based on the fact that the DLCs above are a mixture of Weapons and Armor DLCs.

    That is kinda equivalent to buying a Firepower Pack and an Equalizer Pack for Mass Effect 2, each priced at 160.

    Of course if they so choose they could price each individual weapon DLC at 160 points + the armor at 160 points making it a total of 480 Microsoft Points.

    That's $4 - $6 you will have to pay in DLCs down the road (IF) the company makes all of them available for purchase.

    There is no guarantee that they will as we have seen with games like PORTAL 2...Where certain DLCs never were made available for purchase.

    So what do Amazon Shoppers do with their $10 Gift Card?

    They will have to purchase either a 400 points card or a 1,600 points card (which ever one will cover the price of all of the DLCs they have missed out on).

    If the 3 DLCs exceed 400 Microsoft Points in cost, you are stuck paying for the 1600 Microsoft Points Card.

    Amazon sells it for $19.00.

    So.. bottom line....High Doubtful you'll save money going with Amazon.

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    • OOPS! I forgot to finish my post and fill in the Share Prices from 1 and 2 years ago:

      "Check back in a year from now?

      Why not go back a year?

      At this time (GME) 2011: $19.71
      GME today: $24.16

      Why not go back 2 years?

      At this time (GME) 2011: $18.47
      GME today: $24.16"

      'Nuff Said...

      Anyone can declare that 2012 is going to be a strong Hurricane Season and when it isn't, then declare next year will be a strong hurricane season...and when it isn't, no biggee....just keep declaring that the next year is the strong hurricane season.

      Same goes here...

      The only thing the SHORT SELLERS can do over the last few years is to keep GAMBLING on a bad Gamestop sales year and each time that never happened, just keep betting that next year will be the year.

    • Check back in a year from now?

      Why not go back a year?

      At this time (GME) 2011: $
      GME today: $24.16

      Why not go back 2 years?

      At this time (GME) 2011: $
      GME today: $24.16

      I really don't see the stock price story changing much a year from now.

      But, I thought the subject was about Amazon's offering for Mass Effect 3 versus Gamestop's offering...and which one was the better bang for the buck.

      Anywho: Here is the FINE PRINT on the $10 credit no-one except me has apparently bothered to read:

      "10 promotional credit toward the purchase of items shipped and sold by"

      That's the first restriction which eliminates a HUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEE





      This restriction means you CAN NOT...ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT apply the $10 Credit towards a Microsoft Points Card....unless you can find one sold by Amazon rather than a 3rd party vendor.

      When I did my website searching originally there were only 3 vendors and AMAZON.COM wasn't one of them for the 400 points cards.

      That restriction limits your choices of what you can do with your $10 credit dramatically.

      "certain exclusions apply, including but not limited to Kindle books,"

      WHAT!?!?!? Now I can not even buy a book from AMAZON with my $10 gift card off of my Kindle Fire????? HUH?????

      First I am restricted to buy only from AMAZON and not their 3rd party vendors. Then I can not buy books.

      And who knows? When they say I can not buy books does this include Magazines? Newspapers? Or just Books?

      "Gift Cards, and Amazon Appstore for Android apps"

      That's right. The Amazon Appstore.... ALL OF IT!!!!!!

      Is forbidden!! You can not order a single thing off Amazon's own Appstore!!!

      No Video Games..... No E-Newspaper nothing folks!!

      And of course you can not convert your credit into a gift card.

      AND Amazon says further, "including but not limited to ..."

      Which means there MIGHT be further restrictions on the $10 credit.

      This isn't fungible credit what-so-ever if there's a gigantic littany of things I can not even use it for.

      If you want to invite your friends to buy from Amazon because of this credit then at the very least invite them to READ and FULL UNDERSTAND the FINE PRINT!!!!

    • I disagree with your logic 100%.

      I'll check back in like a year to see where GME's stock price is.

    • Sadly it doesn't work that way.

      Fungible implies that what you seek to use the credit for comes with zero restrictions just like Cash.

      Amazon Credit has restrictions far more severe than Gift Cards.

      And you ultimately are switching the debate from a bang for your Buck debate to an argument over Credit with severe restrictions applied versus the value of 2 DLCs.

      I am saying that a typical video gamer that buys Mass Effect 3 will at some point want to buy the 2 DLCs they did not get.

      The Amazon Credit can be applied to Points Cards which then pay for the DLCs. But in every conceivable way you try you are faced with steep shipping fees.

      Ultimately around $8 to $10 for those Points cards which in turn nullifies any real advantage in buying the game from Amazon.

      Which is why I avoid the Credit sham and buy from Gamestop.

    • money is fungible. let's say you would have purchased something on amazon with cash. instead of using that cash u use the amazon credit.

      now the cash u would have used u can spend on something else or save it.

    • Can not use Amazon Credit to pay off debt or buy a movie ticket or buy a burrito.

      It is strictly to purchase items off of Amazon website.

      Feel free to.correct me if I am wrong but read the fine print first.

    • Can't take the savings and buy a movie. At least not one on your Kindle. Their are numerous restrictions on the Amazon $10 credit. It isn't the same thing as a gift card at all. Too bad most people like yourself think it is the same. I think you can not use the credit to buy a gift card either.

      Oh and a number of Gamers already voiced that Gamestops DLCs are worth it and superior to any other retailer. So some Gamers appreciate the free Game content.

    • u get the m55 rifle with the amazon purchase.

      i seriously doubt those DLCs are worth $10 each to the average gamer...maybe $1 each.

      thus amazon is cheaper as u get the $10 gift card and 1 DLC, but u have to pay shipping unless u do supersaver or have amazon prime. clearly if u don't mind waiting or have prime, amazon is going to be cheaper. if u hate waiting and don't have prime then amazon is going to be only marginally cheaper....but still cheaper in my opinion.


      Doesn't appear there is SUPER SAVER SHIPPING for Microsoft Points Cards. So you quite very well be hit with a Shipping Fee when using your Amazon Gift Card to acquire the Microsoft Points Card.

      If you want to argue that Shipping is free because you have Amazon Prime.

      Well, you are forking over monthly subscription fees which end up becoming your SHIPPING FEE for the month You still have to factor the PRIME membership fee into the calculations here.

      • 1 Reply to varchild2010

        Above hyperlink takes you to the page to purchase a 400 points Microsoft XBOX Live Marketplace card....Under the Scenario that this is what it takes to purchase all 3 DLCs you missed out on.

        The problem?

        Look at the Shipping Fees!

        1) $3.99 shipping fee + $4.98 for the CARD

        2) $7.98 shipping fee + $1.00 for the CARD

        3) $6.88 shipping fee + $2.26 for the CARD

        Under this scenario you end up saving a little over a $1.00 at best versus Gamestop...depending upon which company you end up going with based on what is IN STOCK at the time of purchase.

        More than likely even if the 3 DLCs are made available to you in the future...months from now...on XBOX Live Marketplace... By that time the Shipping Fees, Stock Status, Card Prices, and so on will change.

        And who knows? If the 3 DLCs are even 1 point more expensive than 400 Microsoft Points, then you are forced to fork over some real cash in Shipping Fees and Points Card.

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