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  • francozampetti francozampetti Mar 8, 2012 5:48 PM Flag

    GME Aquisition

    I read this on FB today. May purchase 291 stores.

    GameStop, the world's largest video games retailer, has expressed an interest in buying the Iberian operation of troubled Game Group, the Independent has learned..

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    • Hey I'm just excited that for once, I actually brought up a piece of information worth chatting about. Hooray for me!!! PS - I think that GME has a lot of experience in petitioning the courts. Most of the C-level execs are still around from when they got NeoStar after filing to become GME. They'll get assets for 25 cents on the dollar. All leases will be wiped clean. Then GME will come in and set up 3 yr deals with 1 year kick-out clauses. Could help them in the comp sales dept (internationally that is).

    • Yes I agree...Sounds like financial suicide if Gamestop wants to swoop in and scoop a big chunk of all of that.

      Hopefully that won't happen. The atmosphere over there (not just the economy) is atrocious for Gamestop. You have Mega-Super-Markets enticing people to shop at their megaplexes by selling Video Games for a loss.

      Any acquisition piece of Game should entirely be done on a strategic level and not on a "Economies of Scale so I guess it will work out" concept.

      Too many factors/issues to sort through. I guess us longs will have to watch this scenario unfold very carefully to ensure Gamestop Management doesn't dig themselves too deep a hole expanding beyond reason their store counts here...

      I mean the economy still stinks here in America and things over there are simply just far more worse... With nations like Greece set to default (and effectively already have) why step into that situation just cause the Properties are discounted?

    • economies of scale, GameStop does it right!

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