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  • whartonmba99 whartonmba99 Mar 11, 2012 1:52 PM Flag

    going to 20 bucks tomorrow

    watch and learn kids

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    • Clarification: Talking to Thormann!

    • Lies Lies Lies.

      I have always cautioned investors on various news.

      No one can argue the NPD numbers were bad in January and February.

      No one can argue the hardware sales have impacted total revenues for Q4 2011 for Gamestop such that Revenues only increased slightly from Q4 2010 in the 9 week period.

      Stop this gamesmanship about how I am only pointing out the positive.

      Give me a break.

      I came out about some negatives when I sold my shares of stock of Gamestop on that report.

    • Please pull up a 6yr chart ad ask the following question.

      At what point did the run up and decline of GME coincide with a slate of new console releases and macro economic factors?

      The major risk with GME is a technological shift. A blockbuster to netflix scenario (I do not agree with the analogy but it seems to be the most common). You can argue about theories and trends, but not numbers. And the numbers for digital compared to physical for consoles is not great. From EA last quarter release non gaap Packaged Goods and Other Revenue 1274 million vs 103 in full game digital downloads (which is a loaded because of Star Wars). Out of all the publishers EA is also the most aggressive in the digital arena.

      Now you factor in that GME is selling a large quantity and has a large market share on DLC and that risk is mitigated.

      GME has a large amount of cash with a proven history of using it wisely. In the long run GME is headed north of 30 not south of 20.

    • I suggested no such thing. I don't care. My point is that you are heavily vested in the stock and are only pointing out supposed reasons to buy while ignoring any reason not to buy. You puff up this stock as if there are no risks for your own personal gain. Fact is there are downsides you choose to ignore or not point out because you want people to buy because you want to make a profit. plain and simple.

      This stock hasn't gone anywhere in two years and you would have had to time it perfectly to realize any sort of profit. Money would have been better invested elsewhere. You say nothing of the fact it was down from 60. Why don't you do a five year chart and brag on that?

    • WRONG¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡

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