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  • varchild2010 varchild2010 Mar 13, 2012 6:14 PM Flag

    Thorman's pack of lies

    1st he accuses me of not pointing out any negatives.

    This from a guy that refuses to point out any positives on Gamestop having the gaul to accuse me of failure to point out negatives.

    Give me a break. The sales numbers in the NPD reports last 3 months (december included) were indeed shockingly bad.

    I pointed that out and here it is again.

    2. Thorman then proceeds to lie and say:

    "This stock hasn't gone anywhere in two years and you would have had to time it perfectly to realize any sort of profit. Money would have been better invested elsewhere. You say nothing of the fact it was down from 60. Why don't you do a five year chart and brag on that? "

    Gamestop share price hasn't gone anywhere in 2 years you say?

    Pack of lies. How many times have I shown where the share price has gone in the last 2 years?

    Let's take today's date for example:

    1) GME 13 March 2012: $23.79

    2) GME 11 March 2011: $19.77

    *No trading occured on 13 March 2011*

    3) GME 15 March 2010: $19.40

    *No trading occured on 13 March 2010*

    It's simple... Grab a 2 year pricing chart for the facts. They are clear as day.

    Had you bought the stock 1 or 2 years ago you would be sitting on a profit today.

    I bought the stock back in March 2011 and kept accumulating. When I sold my shares I took roughly a profit of $3.50 a share.

    I spent near half my money paying off my loan and sent the other half back in GME.

    I profited on Gamestop. It wasn't difficult or "*timing the market*"

    If my purchase was about *TIMING* then I missed out.... I could have gotten shares for less than $18. In fact, even today the 52-week low stands below $19.

    So no matter how you look at it.... I never TIMED the MARKET on Gamestop. I simply got in when I felt the shares were oversold. I then accumulated over the course of the year.

    And I profited.

    I did well....last year....

    Get over it Thorman!

    Gamestop now offers a Quarterly Dividend to investors which is an incentive for investors regardless of what the share price does.

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    • You seriously think 20 percent increase in price in two years with no dividends is worth risking 40 or 50 thousand dollars with no guarantee? Really? Please. The whole market has jumped huge in two years. Gamestop should have already been back up to 30 or 40. There's a reason its shorted so heavily. Real gamers hate gamestop with a passion.

    • The Drop from $60 is due to a lot of things.

      As I recall a lot of stocks back 5 years ago due to the 2008 Market Meltdown dropped BIG BIG BIG BIG. Biggest drop in my life time occured.

      Look at (X) U.S. Steel on how much it dropped from its high.

      Look at (HANS) how it dropped from its high big time before bottoming and going back up.

      Lots of stocks plummeted.....then bottomed.....then went up.

      You're problem is that you refuse to believe Gamestop bottomed. Despite the fact that its 52-week low has climbed last year and as long as shares stay above $19, the 52-week low is set to continue to rise in the FALL this year.

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