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  • varchild2010 varchild2010 Mar 18, 2012 8:46 PM Flag

    Why CLOUD gaming doesn't work

    8) Monopoly) Is that what we want? Get rid of the Middleman so that we can have a Monopoly instead?

    Where the price of a video game sold on a CLOUD is the only price you'll ever get for that video game?

    In the physical world when games age....they drop in price...

    In the physical world there is a "Bargain Bin" where you can pick up games for cheap.

    Not in the world of the CLOUD - MONOPOLY.

    The game is what Microsoft charges you in conjunction with the developer/publisher.

    You have no ability to *shop around* for a better deal.

    How many times have I pointed out that a game on STEAM can sometimes be MORE/LESS in price than a game elsewhere?

    How many times have seen a particular bricks store sell a title for less than another bricks store?

    How many times have seen people proclaim they can get titles for less at COSTCO???

    well... Now we have to pay whatever MICROSOFT or SONY lists it for. And we have NO COMPETITION.

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