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  • varchild2010 varchild2010 Mar 18, 2012 7:39 PM Flag

    Why CLOUD gaming doesn't work

    1) Reverse Updating) A recent PC Video Game which has digital dnload / cloud versions for sale released an update to fix a number of bugs/issues. Unfortunately, the update created a whole bunch of bugs and the community was in an uproar warning people not to install the update.

    The game? Elder Scrolls Skyrim from Bethesda Softworks.

    What if your game only exists in the Cloud?

    On DISC you can delete the game and re-install it...thus rolling back the bad game update/patch.

    In the cloud?

    You have to suffer under a broken game due to a bad patch until the Game Developer releases a patch to fix a patch.

    Patch version 1.2 is the bad patch and version 1.3 was released to fix the issues that 1.2 created.

    UGH! Instead of deleting your game and re-installing... What do you do?

    You will not be able to re-download SKYRIM in the concept of CLOUD GAMING.

    Why? Because the video game + save game files all reside in the CLOUD. You never need to dnload pay for the game with your credit card for "access" to the title.

    So you can not simply delete and then re-download SKYRIM to roll back the bad patch 1.2 so you can wait for 1.3.

    You are essentially.....SCREWED!!!!

    Guess what version of SKYRIM...Varchild2010 owns? PHYSICAL!!

    Why? Cause any idiot that knows Video Games knows that Bethesda Softworks has a bad history of releasing broken video games that have to be patched later.

    The video game Elder Scrolls Daggerfall released completely broken and unbeatable. A patch later fixed the issue with an early Main Quest, Quest that didn't give you the time to complete.

    ......continued in reply

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    • Your still in the 90's. You don't download games anymore, you only stream the video feed down to your pc or tv. If a game needs a update, it's done on the host so every player gets the benefit and if a game don't work, the host won't even allow you to try it out.

      If you want instructions beside you off your screen, they invented a key on your keyboard in the 80's call the prt screen button...

    • 10) Compatibility) Bit of a stretch but worth including as my FINAL "Why CLOUD Gaming Doesn't Work" argument. goes...

      Back when Playstation 3 was brand new and was around a 40GB system, Sony made the system backwards comaptible to Sony Playstation 2 games.

      The Sony PS2 afterall is backwards compatible to PS1.

      Xbox 360 backwards compatible to XBOX.

      What happens in CLOUD GAMING?

      Sure you can produce hardware that runs an older generation CLOUD gaming. Not disputing that.

      But that ends up being as far as your hardware can take you.

      In the world of "NO DISC DRIVE" console system, CLOUD gaming.... You can take all of your Physical Games you bought from the current generation and flush them down the toilet.

      No DISC drive....then NO WAY....NO'll ever be able to play your video games you bought physically. *yikes*

      Not unless you see a system in place to give you the ability to retrieve your old video games as CLOUD only games now.

      But....Good luck with that...


      great news for the PS fans! Vita ftw.

      Wait, isn't it bad news? You'd have to re-buy PSP games if you wanted to play them on the new system.

      Play the games you have on UMD on your PSP, buy/keep playing any digital PSP games on your Vita. That's the best you can get, unless you will be willing to re-buy all your UMD games off the PSN-Store. "

      *No wonder the 3DS is outselling the PS VITA globally by the truck load*

    • 9) Job Losses) Yes this has to be brought up.

      America lives in a 8.3% Unemployment rate. That is ugly. And it will only get worse if we switch to CLOUD gaming only universe.

      Now we have Supermarkets laying off employees in the Video Game section of their stores.... Video Game stores shutting down. Best Buy shutting down their video games business, laying off more workers there...

      COSTCO cutting jobs....

      AMAZON may be forced out of the business...possible job losses there...

      And it spreads like an less jobs in retail means less jobs overall....less people employed, means a huge drop in Consumer Spending (in general).

      And the drop in consumer spending is a domino effect on other industry's causing more job losses.

      All to worship at the altar of CLOUD / DIGITAL, I suppose.

      But Video Game Developers will soon find the Video Games businesses nearly impossible to succeed at.

      Gone will be the days of AAA titles....Grandiose Franchises like Mass Effect.... As Profits are Sucked Dry we will be reduced to Re-iterations of ANGRY BIRDS.

      99 cent super simple titles only. Cause who wants to spend $1 million developing a video game that sells for $60 in a universe of double digit+ unemployment global wide?

      NO ONE will afford to buy the expensive titles and so no one will make them anymore.

      Kiss *HALO FRANCHISE* good bye.

    • 8) Monopoly) Is that what we want? Get rid of the Middleman so that we can have a Monopoly instead?

      Where the price of a video game sold on a CLOUD is the only price you'll ever get for that video game?

      In the physical world when games age....they drop in price...

      In the physical world there is a "Bargain Bin" where you can pick up games for cheap.

      Not in the world of the CLOUD - MONOPOLY.

      The game is what Microsoft charges you in conjunction with the developer/publisher.

      You have no ability to *shop around* for a better deal.

      How many times have I pointed out that a game on STEAM can sometimes be MORE/LESS in price than a game elsewhere?

      How many times have seen a particular bricks store sell a title for less than another bricks store?

      How many times have seen people proclaim they can get titles for less at COSTCO???

      well... Now we have to pay whatever MICROSOFT or SONY lists it for. And we have NO COMPETITION.

    • 2) CASH: Teenagers do not own Debit/Credit Cards. Do you expect them to beg their Parents to buy their CLOUD games now?

      How many sales will be lost from Teenagers too embarrassed, self-conscious to have to have mommie and daddie buy their video games for them all the time?

      Mature rated games are listed as 17+ which means expecting an 18 year old that is no longer a Dependant to have to beg Mommie and Daddie to use their Credit Card to buy a video game.

      Right... The 18 year old is getting ready to move several states away to a College. They are now in their DORM...

      They see a game called, "Massacre Assassin." rated for 17+ for excessive violence.

      Are you going to expect them to call up MOMMIE and DADDIE and have them recite Debit/Credit Card numbers over the phone?

      Oh sure...You can expect a College Teen to have their own Credit Card/Debit Card. But, not ever College Teen will want or have a need for one.

      College Dorm, Meal Plans, all expenses typically paid through a Government Loan that will automatically transmit payment to the University. College Teen never needs a Credit/Debit card to pay for College.

      They EAT off of their Meal Plans....

      They get cash through their on campus bank by Check Withdrawal or Withdrawal slip.

      Some banks have Withdrawal slips now that resemble checks allowing you to withdraw money even if you do not have a Check book.

      Parents can Direct Deposit money to their College Son or Daughter's savings accounts.

      In short. A lot of High School/College Aged Kids will have an extremely difficult time to an impossible time participating in a CLOUD ONLY universe that demands a CREDIT/DEBIT CARD as payment.....Leaving CASH obsolete.

      .....continued in reply....

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      • 3) Collector's Editions: Ok maybe you are "THORMANN" and you do not see the point in Collector's edition version of video games.

        But, the physical Collector's edition of Mass Effect 3 sold out 2.5 months in advance of its release date. That tells me that there are THOUSANDS who do see the point in them.

        Sure we can digitize the Art Books...Digitize the music soundtracks. Digitize everything.

        Forcing consumers to have to purchase a blank disc to burn the Digitized Soundtrack onto the blank disc....then label the disc....then transport the disc to their CD Changer in their car. Then finally! They get to enjoy their Music Soundtrack for their Beloved video game.

        Or hell...we can drop the fantasy that consumers will be thrilled with DIGITIZED everything.

        We can drop the fantasy that a DIGITIZED version of Nightvision Goggles is superior to actually have Nightvision Goggles (Call of Duty: MW2 Collector's Edition).

        I for one do not think consumers will be pleased to live in a world of DIGITIZED everything.

        What happens to Spyro's Adventures? That video game is entirely dependant upon the purchase of TOYS to play.

        You buy a PHYSICAL toy...and you have a PHYSICAL pod to place the toy on. Then the video game now has a digitized version of your Toy on screen for you to play.

        Are we going to FLUSH that entire concept down the toilet simply because THORMANN thinks digital only is the way of the future of Video Gaming?

        Good. I didn't think so.


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