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  • varchild2010 varchild2010 Mar 22, 2012 2:50 PM Flag


    I'm out as I have little confidence GME can succeed dumping stores while and taking massive restructuring charges.

    That's the scary part I sold out of GME again.

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    • It will be interesting to see how things go. Especially this summer as gas prices go up. But I think I'll hold my shares for now and see what happens. GME has quite a lot going for it. And I think the shorts still have it wrong here. Only time will tell. There is so much doom and gloom. But realistically, all the retailers cannot go out of business. We have to shop somewhere and we can't all live at home and do everything from our computers. I cannot imagine a society where we do all of our shopping online for all of our retail products. Especially video games. I think there will be a consolidation in retailers such as we have been seeing in the past where only the strongest and best retailers will survive. And I believe one of the surviving retailers will be GME. GME has the willingness to change and adapt to the changing environment. The Gross Margins for the iDevices isn't bad at 30%. It's a good start. GME is making money, buying back shares, and providing a dividend. Eventually, somethings has to give. We'll see.

    • I dont understans your logic. Last I read they are closing 150 stores and opening 100. So... if you sell 150 shares of a company and buy back 100 shares, are you "dumping" stock?

      foolish trade but you may turn out correct. no one knows the future except market makers and hedge funds,

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      • Dumping stock to buy back in at a lower price is an old investment trick. Not stupid when you end up with more shares of stock of GME than you had before you sold.

        Of course, not exactly.sure yet if I am getting back in.
        But, after review of earnings transcript the outlook for GME isn't all negative. Lots of positives.

        So I guess I have mixed feelings. Square footage of GME stores will continue to shrink while digital grows at 50% clip with trade ins of electronics on top of that.

        We may not see next Gen hardware for Microsoft and Sony until 2014.

    • Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! Man, you are one stupid dude.

    • You out to change your name to "waffle"...

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