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  • somedumbuser somedumbuser Mar 22, 2012 9:40 PM Flag

    I bought today

    actually, I sold before leaving for work in the morning and put in a limit order to buy back my shares, which kicked in a few minutes later (I guess I unwittingly contributed to that slide around 10am). Anyway I am pleased to see the company finished down $1.50.. amazing

    I want to accumulate more shares throughout 2012. Gamestop is earning such healthy profits and I know it is supposed to be doom and gloom in 2013, but it is ot certain that the next systems will be only digital, it is ot clear if this apple trade in program will fully cover and decrease in used game sales, and it is not clear if gamestop could survive strictly on digital + hardware. but do you know that cranes will not be replaced by nanobots, so CAT is in trouble? or what if the internet gets replaced with distributed telepathy? what if our very existence will someday be replaced by imagination and we will be nothing more than brains in jars?

    dont fear the future and remember nothing is certain.

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