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  • varchild2010 varchild2010 Apr 2, 2012 7:46 PM Flag

    Spawn Labs

    A gaming console sold by Gamestop would do well and makes sense to me. If Sony and Microsoft are letting out rumors of shutting the door on Gamestop's Used Business, then logically Gamestop can fire back by shutting the door on ever selling SONY or MICROSOFT's game console.

    The only Next Generation Gaming Console sold at Gamestop stores could be a 100% CLOUD BASED, 100% DIGITAL, SPAWN LABS machine that frankly is what analysts think gaming is headed towards anyhow.

    So imagine this.... Microsoft and Sony manufacturing systems that won't see the light of day in 6000+ retail outlets, much less any advertising/marketing from those retail outlets, while Gamestop sells Thousands of CLOUD machines with next-generation compatibility for any game developed by a Video Game Development house.

    The CLOUD Based Spawn Labs machine would basically be OPEN SOURCE operating system much like Android....and even could very well be ANDROID....thus eliminating tons of money developing a whole new operating system themselves.

    Not only are the Shorts Screwed when Spawn Labs technology begins to mature and all kinds of uses *spawn* from its existence.....Microsoft and Sony are screwed.

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    • Just disclosing: I currently own 1284 shares of GME to date.

      I may acquire more additional shares this week if I have some money available (have to pay bills first of course).

      Imagine another scenario.

      Not only could we see a GAMESTOP gaming Machine operate off of an ANDROID operating system running Spawn Labs to video stream your game purchases......

      But what about IMPULSE? Users could digitally dnload their games through IMPULSE.

      Users could play Flash Based Free of Charge games through Kongregate. could also be an application on the system.

      Much like Microsoft has turned the XBOX 360 to a total entertainment center, Gamestop already has the properties to do the same.

      Oh and in other news......JOLT Online has gone bankrupt. That property no longer exists.

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