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  • birch981 birch981 Mar 30, 2012 11:54 AM Flag

    Spawn Labs

    In 2009 Spawn Labs had a streaming console available for consumers to purchase. Its been over a year since Spawn Labs has been acquired by GME and they have been very hush hush. All we know is that they are in beta testing. The testers are GME employees which would comprise of some of the most hardcore gamers in the country. The perfect testing pool.

    What if GME was developing their own console. I don't think this is to far of a reach. Amazon has the kindle and google and apple both have hardware that exclusively sell software from their own store. Gme thought about developing their own tablet but at the last moment decided against it. If used games are getting cut out (which IMO is just rumor)this service could easily make up for it. I could see a hybrid digital/disc console device where GME can stream games and if you buy it digitally both GME and the publisher gets a cut. They could sell the console at break even and set up a monthly fee that enables slingbox options and unlimited demos. If you like the demo you buy the game.

    Just pure speculation like the anti-used game rumors on the next consoles. However, I do think GME making their own console is an option.

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    • hmmm I wonder what this patent is for?

      wonder what this job does?

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      • A gaming console sold by Gamestop would do well and makes sense to me. If Sony and Microsoft are letting out rumors of shutting the door on Gamestop's Used Business, then logically Gamestop can fire back by shutting the door on ever selling SONY or MICROSOFT's game console.

        The only Next Generation Gaming Console sold at Gamestop stores could be a 100% CLOUD BASED, 100% DIGITAL, SPAWN LABS machine that frankly is what analysts think gaming is headed towards anyhow.

        So imagine this.... Microsoft and Sony manufacturing systems that won't see the light of day in 6000+ retail outlets, much less any advertising/marketing from those retail outlets, while Gamestop sells Thousands of CLOUD machines with next-generation compatibility for any game developed by a Video Game Development house.

        The CLOUD Based Spawn Labs machine would basically be OPEN SOURCE operating system much like Android....and even could very well be ANDROID....thus eliminating tons of money developing a whole new operating system themselves.

        Not only are the Shorts Screwed when Spawn Labs technology begins to mature and all kinds of uses *spawn* from its existence.....Microsoft and Sony are screwed.

    • You are an 1d1ot

    • That's interesting but I think there would be two potential issues.

      First, wouldn't it be really costly to develop a proprietary console? Maybe a mitigating factor here is that the console would just be a "dumb" terminal with all the intelligence on the cloud.

      Second, this might strain their relationship with existing console makers.

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      • I haven't found any news on the price of Buymytronics. So I am hoping they didn't break the bank on that acquisition. That being said they do have a lot of cash on hand for development. It would have to be a dummy terminal with everything on the cloud. Same idea as steam but GME sells you the hardware. Add in a monthly charge and the fact you already have subscribers lined up in your Power Up Rewards membership for early adopters. They have the talent and know how in Spawn labs to produce this.

        The strain on the relationship with console makers wouldn't matter. At most it would matter to publishers who do the exclusives (ie Gears of War, Alan Wake, Uncharted, God of War). All other publishers would be on board. GME is EA's leading retailer and GME is definitely either one or two for all other publishers. All publishers would definitely be on board.

        It would be all digital so the margins would be higher than used and you would have the recurring subscription fee.

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