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  • varchild2010 varchild2010 Apr 11, 2012 11:49 AM Flag

    Considering filing a lawsuit for this

    I am going to consider talking to a lawyer if the rumor is true. Have to see article first to determine if Needham's downgrade just to short the stock is even legal if that is what happened here today. I haven't seen the article in question though so do not know if this is true.

    Stock analysts aren't supposed to put out reports or downgrades to boost their short positions or to boost a friends short position.

    Xenoblades just released a few days ago exclusive to Gamestop and Share price ignores this.

    Share price not pricing in anything but a rumored 24% software drop in sales in March. That was based on an analyst prediction that Mass Effect 3 sold 1.5 million copies in March. VGCHARTZ shows a 1.8 million tally.

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    • Well you had better delete every single post you made on the internet about gamestop because if their lawyers find out you've essentially been doing the same exact thing for years you'll be laughed out of the courtroom.

    • you are really going to a lawyer hahahahha I see this board hasn't changed, it's still very, very funny here!
      and you haven't even read the article hahahahhahahhahah

      oh my oh my, anyhow, I'm on your side this time, Gamestop and short squeeze sooner than later IMHO.

    • No idea on the release date, but since TTWO has officially announced Bioshock Infinite in October, then I see no way GTA V comes out then which was recently rumored based on a former R* employee. I still think it releases March 31 so opening day sales end in the current FY and the rest roll into next FY.

      On GME, you are right the game is basically rigged but we all know that and I think we are fortunate to trade in a sector that I assume we all know well. My personal opinion is that GME is a value trap and will eventually go private or go away. Look at BBY and they have a wide variety of products to fall back on. GME only has games and it would seem that the market for them is slipping or shrinking. I trade options on the company. Both directions. If it hits the teens, I will buy calls and look for a rise into earnings and then sell and buy puts.

      Just my 2 cents, and nothing more.

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