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  • somedumbuser somedumbuser Apr 21, 2012 3:02 AM Flag

    I get goosebumps

    If you are sitting on the sidelines, you need to jump in.

    The stock price is held down by the fact that there is an unbelievably large and growing short position. This is simple economics, You have people out there creating shares tirelessly to hold the price down. However, you know who is buying those shares? Gamestop, me, and people like me. smart people.

    Microsoft and Sony are struggling to compete with Apple. You know what you get with Gamestop? Gamestop helps Microsoft and Sony sell and market games. But Gamestop also plays the Apple card by buying/reselling Apple products. You get to play both sides with Gamestop. Brilliant!

    I will buy shares in Gamestop at any price below $60. Because I firmly believe the stock is going to $60. And I also believe, even at $60, the company is undervalued. I would much rather own gamestop than best buy... and look at best buy's market cap. lol. unbelievable.

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    • I agree with everything except the $60 target price. That's not going to happen, but I'm baffled as to why anyone would choose to short a stock that has zero debt, pays a dividend, and has demonstrated that they buy back shares when the stock gets below $23. Add in the fact that they are literally running out of shares to short, and it just makes no sense when there are hundreds of companies with lots of debt, no cash to buy back shares, no dividend, and below average management. I guess it's possible that they could miss their estimates this year, but I'm betting on them actually beating their numbers.

    • This is just blind unrealistic straight up pumping.

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