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  • varchild2010 varchild2010 May 4, 2012 12:48 PM Flag

    See? I knew it...

    We aren't seeing a issue with Gamestop. Not even can we say we have an issue with Video Games in general.

    It is the overall economy that is the problem. Face it, one of the biggest sources of revenue for a Video Game retailer, digital or in-store, are teenagers.

    Gamestop can not wave a magic wand and POOF revenue numbers go up when we have teenagers unemployment rate at 24.9%.

    American Teenagers have *voted themselves to death* by constantly favoring to vote for liberal Republicans and liberal Democratic party politicians that are out of touch with how the private sector works....and I'd go even further to say these politicians are not just out of touch, they are absolutely vindictive and antagonistic towards American Private Sector businesses. No amount of regulatory expansionism seems to be enough to satisfy the Agendas of Unions, Environmnetalists, Animal Rights Activists, and so on.

    Everyone has an agenda but attempting to satisfy everyone's agenda only results in ensuring slow growth to no growth in our economy.

    Our way of life disappears....It is America's focus switches from improving our economy to finding ways to make "College Tuition Free of Charge" or "Save the Spotted Owl" or "Anwaar Alaska is sacred and no oil drilling should ever be done there in any amount" or "Union Membership is so sacred that now we need to rush-rod union elections down employers throats in hopes to build union membership."

    Regardless of your political stances the real issue here is what you think of Unions, Animals, Global Warming/Cooling/Urban Sprawl, social issues, and etc.

    It is simply that our economy is hurting big time trying to make everyone in all their political views happy. In the end NO ONE IS HAPPY!!

    So...STOP TRYING TO MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY and START DOING SOMETHING so TEENAGERS can have a job and feel better about themselves and their country.

    Right now... No one is happy....despite the "Government Helping."

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