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  • birch981 birch981 Jul 25, 2012 11:43 PM Flag

    Future of VGs

    Everyone said it was social and free to play. Sorry draw something.

    Nope. znga. Your games are too formulaic. $00.04 per user.

    Consoles are here to stay and the next gen will have discs.

    Add in the fact that just increased their workforce by 18%.

    Close to lows of last console cycle. Wii U coming in November.

    The P/E is ridiculous even if they lower earnings.

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    • The P/E is crazy. This should be a $30 stock. Its earnings are great, stock buy back, very health balance sheet. The only item that is hurting its stock is the threat for all online games which wont happen. It might increase but it will not take away more than 20% of GME's business. This stock should be at $30. Its my largest position which I have owned for two years. I have watched the bottom line increase, hopefully if the stock doesn't increase substantially that the company will substantially increase this quarters dividend.

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      • tom_stocks Aug 3, 2012 7:41 AM Flag

        I wish you all the luck but I just don't trust the business to invest. This industry is going to change quick. I'll admit I haven't done any DD yet because my only interest in GME would be to short it. This industry will go the way of movies and games will be streamed of downloaded digitally.

        How does Gamestop compete when this happens? Unless they were able to lock up some kind of sell only rights (which they won't), how can they possibly stay in business? Used games will become a thing of the past with digital downloading. What will be left? Game magazines?

        Don't bash I am asking a legitimate question. What is the plan to compete as technology evolves?

    • Even if there is physical media next generation of consoles I hope its not discs. optical discs would be a bottleneck. We seriously need to get away from them and use a flash type device.

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