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  • hot_hipps hot_hipps Sep 19, 2012 2:51 PM Flag

    What a bunch of garbage.

    ~$26 to ~$16 in 4 a straight line....on no news
    then back up to ~$24...again in a straight line....again on no news.

    Is it any wonder that mainstreet has nothing but distain for Wall Street?

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    • What does Wall Street have to do with the moves in the stock? A lot of people were short (still are) and sentiment was very poor around the name as software sales were weak industry-wide. GME also lowered its rev forecast when it reported Q1 earnings. Since then, the company has taken a bunch of initiatives to return capital to shareholders and pledged to return $2bn of capital over four years on the Q2 call. The stock has moved on these fundamentals.
      Perhaps you lost money on the stock because you are impatient or haven't done any work (or both) and now you'd like to blame 'Wall Street" for your losses rather than confronting the reality that you made a mistake. Not unlike the homeowner who thought he was Donald Trump in 05 when house prices were rising, and as soon as they dipped and the homeowner lost money, he blamed Wall Street.

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      • Right, this stock is really going places. Gamestop was about the only place you could pre-order a Wii U online since Amazon refused to carry them, and they've already sold out their Deluxe models. Next year, even more consoles are coming out. And if you're concerned about tablets taking over, OR about digital distribution, Gamestop's got that covered to, being the world's biggest pawn shop for tablets and phones, and having their own well establishing Steam competitor in Impulse, recently rebranded quite simply as Gamestop. They even have a foothold in web-based games with Kongregate.

        I'd rather buy a company on the rebound whose historic price has maxed out at three times today's prices, rather than a Disney or Apple that is selling at all time highs and with only 1/3rd the dividend payout! Once "next gen" is in full swing again, the 2007 era $60 share price could return easily.

        I see nothing but win, win win. And that better be the case, since I have my life savings invested. I used be a diversified investor, but go absolutely nowhere with that over the past two years.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • No news? Are you an IDIOT? First, the Wii U is coming out. Second, Gamestop has started buying back its shares AND doubled its dividend.

      The original drop mirrored very closely the rest of the market, then the market picked up recently, and combine that with the dividend and Wii U news... it shot back up! No to mention holiday season also leads to increased sales and profits for video games.

      More like ignorant shorts have nothing but disdain. Did you lose a lot of money, shorty?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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