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  • gnik4luap gnik4luap Oct 5, 2012 8:32 AM Flag


    Rumor since summertime is that GME sales are going to kick but in Christmas 2012. The rise since the summer in GME shares is largely related to the coming boom in sales to start by late-November

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    • Absolutely, the Wii U will be sold out, its games are PHYSICAL, and it has low storage space for anything digital. It's 2007 all over again. This stock will DOUBLE and the dumb shorts are already being SQUEEZED. And I love my dividend. Call me crazy, but this is the only stock I'm invested in right now.

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      • Nothing personal but investing everything in one company is crazy. As for a short squeeze, I'm not sure it has started yet. The short interest was about 49 million shares in mid July, and got reduced to 45 million shares by mid sept. The price went from about 16.50 to about 23. It will be interesting to see what the short interest is as of the end of Sept. If it is still above 40 million shares, the squeeze may be down the road, like if they beat estimates for Q3 and guide higher for Q4. There will always be at least 10% of the O/S short, which is about 12 million shares. But that leaves about 30 million that may want or need to cover.

      • Woah there little buck-a-roo. Don't soil your undies. Keep in mind that analysts are already figuring a sold out WiiU into their estimates. The only way that they could really crush their estimates would be if they could get their hands on more supply of consoles. I think Nintendo will be conservative plus, they only have so much manufacturing capacity even if it was a runaway hit. The best thing that can happen is to continue to see a good run up in the stock price. But, more importantly, get some shorts caught for big losses. There are a ton of shares short and, they have a lot of time to cover their position when they see a rise in price. But, if the stock jumps 2-5% every other day, then they'll panic and cover. Problem is, it has a nice run up then an almost equal run down. Almost in a predictable pattern. Maybe now in Q3/Q4 they could break that pattern. It would take a run that surpasses $27 to really get it going strong. Let's hope it does!

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