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  • businessguru75 businessguru75 Nov 15, 2012 8:52 AM Flag

    Only on Wall Street

    Can a company be losing money YOY, not make any original products or have any reason to be hopeful about the future and trade at a multiple almost twice that of $AAPL....One will still be around in 10 years, one won't any guesses.

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    • You just DONT GET IT! No reason to be hopeful about the future? NEW CONSOLE CYCLE, HELLO? Wii U, Halo 4, Blops II, AC III all in the 4Q are selling like mad. GTA V and more in 1Q. Apple is old news. Video gaming is here to stay, bigger than Hollywood. Console gamers are NOT going over to web crap and phone games. It's just the normal end of the console cycle! And digital? Yeah right, as if gamers will want to buy digital versions and lose the ability to sell/trade back to GME. Wii U will be best selling console of next gen like the Wii was, doesn't have an achievement system to get gamers to hold on to games, and only has 8GB or 32GB for internal storage, which is NOTHING, so unless gamers spend lots of money on large dedicated external storage, they will buy physical still. This is the perfect storm for GME. They have the second best PC digital store after buying Impulse, they sell Steam games now too! And the new video game/toy interaction like Skylanders and Wii U Near Field Communications taken advantage of by Gamestop Kids new stores. Zero debt, 4% dividend. Only a #$%$ would short this stock!! Over $30 easily early next year.

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      • I'm glad so many traders don't understand GME, otherwise the short squeeze that is coming in a couple of months would not be possible. I am willing to see the price undervalued now due to the high short interest because it is going to be overvalued in February. That is when I will take some profits, after the shorts are racing for the exit and they drive it beyond fair market value.

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