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  • ogilvydog ogilvydog Nov 19, 2012 8:38 PM Flag

    Shorts are trying to hold back the dam from bursting

    Kool: Love your thinking. More shorts only help the squeeze, so short away you fools. Actually, when you look at the volume, the covering has already begun. But I guess you don't actually see what the rest of us see judging from your predictions. Shorting at this point is just dumb. No other way to put it. Might as well donate the money to the Red Cross instead of to shorting GME. Best of luck shorty, see you at 30 next week.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • shorting stox at their peaks with RSIs of 75 iz dumb? i guess all my dumb trading haz made me dumb cash for thu past 15 yearz lmfao!

    • i'd even short a company with zero liabilities at thu top, let alone this turd with a dying bizzness model and $2.25BILLION, yes BILLION, not million, in liabilities! lmfao!

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      • Koolaid, you should not be in the stock market. Based on your posts, you are pretty young, so you can afford to lose money because you have a lot of years of working ahead of you so you can make it back. Do me a favor though. When you lose a big chunk here, go back and educate yourself to find out why a company with "$2.25 Billion in liabilities" continues to go higher while paying a hefty dividend to it's shareholders and buying back shares. Ask yourself where they are getting the cash to pay a 4.5% dividend and how they can afford to allocate 500 million for stock buybacks. Once you figure that out, you will realize why you are losing. Knowledge is power son.

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