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  • tride26 tride26 Jan 11, 2013 10:51 AM Flag


    good post.
    i think your numbers might be a tad high though.

    here's how i see it:
    If both do, this stock goes to 9.
    If one does, this stock goes to 15.
    If neither does, this stock goes to 19.

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    • My kids only buy New games there. If one company locks Used games, someone else will move into that vacuum and makke the money. There is an argument that the entire idea of prohibiting you from selling a game, that YOU OWN, is not legal. Otherwise call it a Rental and Lower the price. Not sure they want to bite the hand that sells for them either. Can you imagine if they did that to your car? Pretty sure they are getting into the online market also and I would think there are tie ins and assume there already are. Taking away my kids' Xbox is worse than any other punishment. Cramer clearly doesn't have kids in the correct age group. Stores are crowded, end of story in my book. Small footprint, high sales per square foot. But Cramer is often right 50% of the time, so who knows.

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      • Where I live, the kids above 12 or so have moved onto Steam. My kids also say it is better to sell your used games directly given the low price offered @ G-STOP. On the plus side the staff seems motivated and helpful.

        Short here. I think they will have a difficult transition as the world moves to downloadable content. Old enough to remember the rise and fall of blockbuster. This could be a repeat.

        Disclosure: Short

        Sentiment: Sell

      • And comparing it to Best Buy is idiotic at best. What do those 2 businesses have in common? I guess these are both Retail so why not compare to Coach or Wal-Mart while you are at it. Just wish CNBC didn't have to show Cramer 50% of their on-air time, luckily I get Bloomberg on Sirius to help ease the pain during those times.

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