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  • andrewsoc andrewsoc Feb 6, 2013 1:06 PM Flag

    A different view on Sony's "anti-used-games" technology...

    Lots of bad feelings about this all around. Just the end of the world for brick and mortar.

    However, there's another side to it: if they can recognize a code on a used disc and restrict playing, they can also allow it.

    What does this mean? That developers can benefit from the sale and re-playing of used games.

    This could actually be great for both developers and Gamestop, as well as for players who would make up an expanded marketing and sales stream. A re-activated (i.e. developer-supporting resale) game gives an enormous impetus to increase support, updates, DLC, special features, and overall longevity of games.

    Of course, it's more sensational to hyper-over-play the "Big Brother" aspect of it. People want to see blood.

    Does anyone think Gamestop hasn't thought of this?

    Gets a little tiring, but I guess it's a fragile stock, and too easily whipped around.

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    • Today's news reminds me of the good old days of printer dongles. Fer ya youngsters at one point some software companies tried to lock software down by having you plug a dongle into your printer point that would recognize "a code" and allow the software to run. Eventually customer's stop buying their software and they relented their strategies. Since the new consoles offer no significant technology improvements like a 128 or 256bit CPU rather both are AMDx64, developers will continue to focus their software for the existing install base and the price for the older consoles, even the used ones will remain elevated. "Telling your customers it's our way or the highway" never works out in the long run..

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