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  • ichatterbot ichatterbot Feb 7, 2013 3:58 PM Flag

    Used games: Sony announcing PS4 first to signal to MSFT that they better kill used games also

    This is what is going to happen. Sony will announce the PS4 and the intention to kill off used games through online activation. Consumers will complain. Later MSFT will also announce the intention to kill off games. If both do it then they win and consumers lose. if MSFT decides not to do online activation then Sony will cancel their plans.....consumers win and console makers lose. This is classic game theory.

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    • The other thing MSFT and Sony could do is give the publisher the option to do online activation codes....but incentivize them through a fee structure. this shifts the blame to the publisher. but if u want to play a specific game u will have online activation whether on a ps4 or xbox. for the online activation system to work it needs to be across platforms.

    • Actually both Sony and MSFT could announce to their plans to kill used games and the Andriod base console and Nintendo Wins Big... Can't wait for next Madden with two WiiU controllers so we can "audible" our play call adjustments in real time without the other player seeing it on the main screen.. Only monopolies like Telcom's can bully folks around, way way too much competition in the software/cpu space for Customers/Developers to put up with that attitude.

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