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  • emoryhowie emoryhowie Mar 31, 2013 4:58 PM Flag

    GME buying up short shares. This could get interesting for the capitalist (GME) vs the disgusting banker/hedgefund/communist (short).

    I've never witnesed a short squeeze. Would love to see the parasite lose it all. Imagine someone shorting your own company's stock, if you had one, when you are working hard to make a living and support employees and shareholders. Love to see them get burned. Like watching an underdog win a championship. Its that type of feeling. Why are people allowed to borrowed against the value of the stock holders' equity to leverage against them?!?! Wall Street mafia.

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    • Shorting is an important element of a healthy and free market. Plus, look at the opportunities it opens up to patient long term investors!

    • If you are long GME you should call your broker and tell them to not loan your shares out to the shorts. If a lot of people did this it would really tighten up the float and magnify a squeeze.

      I got out of GME years ago. I think they are doomed but the trading dynamics of the stock with this short position are nothing more than black/red at athe casino roulette wheel. There is no investable basis in this ticker but plenty of gambling in the battleground. Some people love that game. I've learned you can't win consistently at it so don't play it. I do keep an eye on GME though to see how long my thesis takes to play out. Could be a year or several until the retail operations dry up.

      Right now EPS is manufactured by buybacks. Revenues continue to go down as well as same store sales in dramatic fashion. This is why everyone shorts GME. However short is too crowded a trade thus making it untradeable!

    • I guess you feel that way about Enron too?

    • Thank the short sellers if u are long. Without them gme would be trading under 20. The trading dynamics of the squeeze are all that has propped up the stock. Too many trying to get out at the same time

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