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  • somedumbuser somedumbuser Apr 2, 2013 9:00 AM Flag

    I returned a videogame yesterday

    It was $40. I hadn't opened it, so I was sure that I would be leaving the store with my $40 back. Before giving me back my $40, the salesperson mentioned how my membership was about to expire, and he asked if I wanted to deduct a renewal fee from the refund. Not wanting to be suckered, I resisted. Then he mentioned that I saved $40 last year from being a member. So I renewed. Standing in line, I noticed a different game that I had been considering, and asked him if he knew anything about it. He said it had positive reviews. So I bought it. I ended up leaving the store $30 poorer than when I entered.

    That, my friends, is why GameStop is going nowhere but up.

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    • People here are confusing video games that you repeatedly play and need to own with movies that you rent and watch one time. Hope the shorts get burned. They lost an additional $100M yesterday.

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      • People here are also missing the value GameStop brings to product developers, by acting as a sales force for their products. Most things don't sell them selves, that's why companies have sales and marketing departments. By cutting out GameStop, the product developer might make 100% of the sales price, but they have no idea how much sales they will lose, by not having their product displayed at GameStop, with the staff actively recommending it and how much more they would have to spend in advertising to create awareness and sales for their products. This is why retailers in general will always exists. Because when a company wants to launch a new product or IP, nothing is cheaper and better from a cash flow perspective than to sell the product at a discount to a retailer, and have them help you sell it, vs having to find money to finance a marketing effort.

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