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  • birch981 birch981 Apr 30, 2013 7:07 PM Flag

    The Poor Short Argument

    This backwards compatibility argument is #$%$. So once the next gen is released all used games on the old gen are worthless?

    The problem is that the publishers only care about install base and are going to release the games on both the new and old gen. You already see this with Watch Dogs and other games. Only 1st party developers will probably release next gen exclusively. IMO 3rd party publishers release games on both gens for 1 to 1.5 years. You will have your first adopters that buy on release and than ppl who wait until the catalog of games is larger. A ton of GME’s customers are price elastic, hence why used and refurb do so well.

    Nintendo 3 DS: If anything this shows how tight of a spot Nintendo is in. How is Nintendo going to acquire the devices? They sure don’t have the foot print GME does. 3 DS one of many used devices GME sells.

    No used games in next gen: MSFT and SNE are not going to take the risk with the Wii U doing so bad and such an action being such an unpopular decision. GME was wise in showing that 68% of gamers would not buy next gen if there were no used games.

    Long and Strong GME in the 40s one week after Black Friday. Full faith in management would like to see more acquisitions in refurb business.

    Skys the limit it they ever work the kinks out in Spawn Labs.

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    • Both Sony and MSFT have done nothing in anything I have read so far other than play coy about used games and DRM. Both have hinted or flat out stated the tech is in there but they will leave it up to the publisher to enable such features. Nice play on their part. Put it on the pub, but everyone benefits if it results in only new game sales without any fall off, which of course, there certainly would be fall off in the early stage. And as for GME putting out a survey that backs their own position, really?

    • giantboog Apr 30, 2013 8:10 PM Flag

      The shorts are very pressured. The stock is going up and they refuse to listen.

      jesterbunk made 7 points. A few I agree with yet most all are moot.

      All are trumped and will always be trumped by "You can never fight the market."

      This simple truth overrides all rational and irrational thinking.

      Clearly GME has been recently upgraded by a few analysts.

      As we move into the Microsoft announcement at the end of May and then to E3 the buzz will increase.

      These next gen consoles and titles will be the must have gifts for Christmas. They will sell and they will sell extremely well.

      This is momentum. I do not foolishly think that there will not see a correction or profit taking at some point this year. I do expect the momentum to continue into earnings report for 2014.

      Oh and then there is always that short squeeze thing... it is getting a little uncomfortable...

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