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  • telsarowe telsarowe May 6, 2013 12:01 PM Flag

    GME staring down the barrel of a .50 A&E chambered handgun. Why the industry wants them gone.

    The gaming industry is changing. Like any industry that changes some business models get left behind. The sooner GME dies off the sooner the rest of the industry gets to absorb their profits. Because of the bankruptcies and consolidation in the industry over the last few years there are few players left. GME dying off will be great for their bottom lines and the consolidation ensures everybody gets a good chunk
    of the pie GME leaves behind. I think they will be bankrupt sometime in 2015.

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    • mjroskopf May 7, 2013 10:27 PM Flag

      telsarove I guess you cant read financial statements. They are the single strongest player in the industry. No Debt and you think they are going bankrupt. Do you have any clue what bankruptcy is? Its when your liabilities is greater than your assets. If you have no debt, how the hell can you go into bankruptcy. I guess your short position is killing you, did I guess it right LOL. Go put your cash under your pillow so you don't blow it all.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Bankrupt by 2015 with currenlty $100M in debt, $630M in cash and $600M in cash flow from ops?? heehee. You're funny.

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      • i see consolidation or buyout coming when this stock goes back to 15 range, buyout at 20.

        This is trading at a future value that is unrealistic for many reasons, trends changing, supply and demand reasons with new consoles/lower margins, digital sales distribution and used games trend is DOWN. it is OBVIOUS.

        The pump on this is due to short squeeze and share repurchases, that is not enough to stop the inevitable.

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