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  • tradechief tradechief May 23, 2013 10:32 AM Flag

    Shorts don't understand gaming market

    Used game market is not going to go away. Gamers usually keep old systems and will continue to have a love for old games. This has always been the case through generations of systems. Also, GME will be able to pick up old systems cheaper so margins will be maintained. In addition, they can ship systems and games to third world countries an sell for a profit.

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    • So far all the talking points around reselling has been murky. Yes, you can resell games. But they are not specific on the model. If it's business as usual, they would come out and say so to end speculation amongst consumers and retailers alike. This leads me to believe that the model is changing in favor of the manufacturers and publishers but they still value the relationship with GME to launch the new systems. Whatever the model is, the industry will move in unison. MS would not be the one to stick their heads out and be the lone wolf of a new model. That's in the short term.

      In the long term, games will go the way of music, movies and software. It's inevitable. If the manufacturers can get a bigger piece of the pie by cutting distribution and packaging, they will. As for lending a game, you simply can't and that's too bad. Will the entire gaming community pout and stop gaming? Have people stopped listening to music or buying software? It will take some time for the industry to become purely digital. But the manufacturers and publishers are already building an online relationship that's evolving to that end. Since each console generation takes years to turn over, the ground work is already built in to the this coming generation.

      I predict the stock will get a spike from the new release and holiday sales. But from there, there's far more risk on the down side.

    • The other thing that people don't understand is that no used games means no lending games. Can you imagine how much that would suck, if you couldn't lend or give your buddy a game you've completed. There's no way that would fly.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Management just confirmed this view on conference call.

    • well most games are brought by parents and mostly kids or young adults that doesn't have a lot of money, $60 or $40 for a new game that they brought home and sucked would suck a lot but being able to sell the "used" game back to gamestop and get back some of the money they used to buy another game is great way from gamers to recycle games.

      If there is only digital sell it would require an account to paypal or credit card or some kind of none cash system, which not even kid would be able to have access to. so digital sell has cap, i believe digital games and streaming is the future it's not it for at least a few years, gamestop has some time to find another market

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