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  • mojojo1254 mojojo1254 Dec 10, 2013 11:49 AM Flag

    Getting worse for GME

    Still short and still loving it. Here's the latest news:
    - We are now seeing real digital-ONLY releases from MSFT. Peggle and Halo are DLO. Every next gen box sold will substantially increase the down-load propensity of each gamer. Industry is moving nicely from physical only to physical/digitial and (now beginning) to go digital only for all but the huge titles.
    - Latest AAA releases all really struggling. Madden, BF4, COD, ACreed, Grand Turismo- all down badly from prior. November (biggest month of the year) expected down 13%.
    - Next gen content is really old+new gen so not likely to actually inspire much excitement. Biggest titles are now delayed substantially in 2014. No one seems to think new consoles really change gaming experience anyway. This is not N64 to PS2 type generation.
    - All this is before we see the effects of new storm clouds ahead: Steam box; Apple TV/Chromecast; iOS and Android mobile game controllers; F2P and in-game sales for console games.
    - Oh, did I forget?? GME is a retailer. Brutal price competition and disappointing Xmas are hitting almost every retailer this year. Thanks Amazon and Walmart for selling new AAA titles at 15 - 20% off and stealing most of the new console sales.

    Still not seeing how this company survives after about 18 more months.......

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    • mojo, and how did today work out for you? we didn't hear anything... Still short and loving it? i think not.

      by the by, i think you and jester are one in the same. regardless, you are both getting beat downs.

      no surprise.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 1 Reply to nadsmis
      • Still short and still happy. In it because fundamentals are so bad and stock price will follow eventually.
        - Nintendo 3DS has sold life to date less than 20% of Nintendo DS. Can people even buy a PS Vita any more?!!? Thats a lot of little game chips that are not going to get sold or traded. They all switched to tablets and smart phones.
        - So many games now going digital only - Launch title Knack;Marquee Nintendo games going to eStore only; Diablo 3, Minecraft Next Gen, etc. etc.
        - New consoles have a store front so if you want to buy the disk, you can order it right there on the box.
        - The new boxes are way better at Downloading. Better technology, better UI. It wont take long for people to make a habit of going to the eStore instead of the Gamestop store. Games will be cheaper and faster to obtain than getting a disk. Yes, there will be a few huge AAA games like GTAV, but this will hardly support an entire chain of retail stores.

    • I don't know much about gaming but most gamers I know still prefer physical copies of games over digital for the freedom they allow (share, trade-in, etc.) and, more importantly, the space they don't take up on your console's hard drive. I read the Xbox One, for example, has over 25% of its hard drive reserved; leaving you with around 360GB and no way to expand upon it.

    • This stock just took a big dip, it is on the way up short term. Easy money. Gamestop stores are on every corner, kids love the place.

    • mojo,

      looking forward to your latest news release. the math has GME up $1.82/share since your post 4 days ago. if you still shorting, when do you think you will have to cover your position? not going to be a good Christmas for you. you play short, you want to come in at the top and leave at the bottom. you are butt backwards. oh, don't forget that you are responsible for covering the dividend as well.

      always nice for longs when shorts rush to minimize their losses and cover their positions. thank you.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • yeah they said that about Netflix at one time and look at them now..... good luck being short right now.

    • How can you be loving it when you are losing money?

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