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  • mojojo1254 mojojo1254 Feb 5, 2014 10:40 AM Flag

    Shorting More??

    I am seriously considering increasing short position again.
    - VGChartz showing retail sales down for month of January.
    - Feb looks bleak because last year there were lots of cool games coming out, but this year none until Titanfall. Pre-order volume is approximately half of last year.
    - Game developers in crisis. Check out stories from Square Enix, EA, Avalanche Studio, TakeTwo. Number of games in the pipeline continues to really plummet.
    - Apple TV continues to lurk. When it comes out, it will crush the casual gaming console market. I know people are going to say "That rumor has been out there for a long time and it hasnt happened." Yes, but delay doesnt mean denial.

    I have to admit that its odd....Digital downloading of AAA games is apparently not GME's biggest problem. Lack of content, consumers who can buy games for a buck or two on mobile appears to be the biggest problem.

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    • "Lack of content, consumers who can buy games for a buck or two on mobile appears to be the biggest problem."

      Lack of content would be a problem if the consoles weren't brand-new. They are, and it's not.

      People buying mobile games for 99¢ are not a problem because they're not deciding between $50-$60 dollar games and $1 games.... they're buying both.

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      • Facts:

        Lack of content - Preorders for games are way down. Two games in Jan Feb this year are getting pre-orders. Last year same time - 9 games. Consumers are sitting on their hands because there is not much to get excited about.

        Lack of content - Game sales are down, even with new consoles.

        Lack of content - Big dev shops are laying people off as console sales decline. They are not investing in new content. So long term getting even bleaker. Read the news on these guys and see if you agree....Disney, Nintendo, Square Enix, EA, Avalanche Studio, TakeTwo....

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