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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig May 24, 2012 8:20 AM Flag

    Graduates: See the DuPont Workplace! #7

    New Graduates,

    If you run across the phenomenon of employees and Managers of a corporation expending unending resources and energies in a systematic campaign to defame and smear rival corporations, you have a lagging and inferior prospective employer on your hands. And that is exactly what you have over the internet with avowed DuPont employees and DuPont Managers obsessively attacking Monsanto with sleazy rubbish and outright falsehoods. The brazen misconduct of these DuPont representatives on the net speaks volumes on the inferiority of the once great DuPont Company.

    One hostile harridan, in particular who proudly tells us on numerous occasions she works for DuPont and is paid by the Company's AG unit, which contains Pioneer, consistently trashes and smears Monsanto out of pathological hatred. This same heckler, by the screen name, "notthatblind", also oddly brags about how little education she has, no degrees, as if that is some sort of badge of honour in her DuPont function. (And maybe it is because her own ultimate AG boss, DuPont Executive V. P. ,James C. Bore-Well, conspicuously has no earned advanced degrees beyond his undergraduate degree at a state land-grant school).

    Can you imagine working around disgruntled, humourless, lowly educated types who spend their work hours grousing and cursing Monsanto, because out of nowhere in ten years, Monsanto's superior scientists and leaders revolutionised the seed industry with their innovative GM seeds. In doing so, superior-managed Monsanto became the largest, leading seed enterprise on the globe, toppling the poorly directed seed house of DuPont, Pioneer Not-So-Hi-Bred, Int'l.

    Our point is: Do not sell yourself short, and go to work for the industry LOSER. Or you might end up like "notthatblind", assigned to the internet on PR damage control, and cluelessly exhibiting herself as an ignoramus, uneducated and bitterly resentful of DuPont's superior competitors, Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow Chemical, 3M Corp, undsoweiter.


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