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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Jun 23, 2012 9:48 AM Flag

    $575 Million, Only Tip DuPont Imprelis Iceberg!

    Imprelis Losses & Charges To DuPont Will Be Staggering!

    Good Morning, Bonjour, Guten Tag, Buon Giorno,

    Readers, Investors,

    Since the first reports of quick killings of mature trees last June, 2011, DuPont's sneaky Management and their little lawyers and PR con artists have worked assiduously to downplay, spin, and cover up the growing magnitude of the losses caused by their counterfeit "Innovation" weed killer, Imprelis.

    From stillborn excuses delivered on June 18, 2012 by DuPont spokeswoman Kate Childless, it has become CLEAR THAT THE FIGURE OF $575 MILLION IN TOTAL CHARGES IS ONLY THE TIP OF THE IMPRELIS ICEBERG! The "$575 million" relates only to claims coming directly to DuPont from Imprelis-victimised DuPont AG customers and property owners into the Company's conflicted and controlled Imprelis Claims Resolution programme! No mention by DuPont's secretive and evasive Management on the potential, and very real liability for thousands of claims filed in the courts of the land, federal and state! No word on the mounting cost of Imprelis litigation.

    We strongly believe from our educated study of the Imprelis scandal, total costs to DuPont and its long suffering shareholders will be on the order of $1 billion to $2 billion, and possibly much more!



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    • Funnut,

      INCOMING RED STAR just for you. I love how even the SYT board people hate your crap.

    • Readers, Investors, see:

      "Dead Trees Stand As Proof That Weedkiller Imprelis Went Awry," by Mary Jane Smetanka, Minneapolis Star Tribune, 06-18-12.

      In the meantime, self-disclosed representatives of the dirty-playing DuPont Company, avowed DuPont employees and DuPont Managers continue over the internet to blame their own DuPont AG customers for "misuse", "misapplication", and ignorance in reading the ambiguous, misleading, if not illegally mislabeled DuPont label on Imprelis! Wait until the final verdict of the final jury of the final Imprelis court case before making an opinion on Imprelis, they smugly demand.

      What a sick and sickening operation along the banks of the Brandywine in the ethically dwarf state of Delaware. Ellen J. Kullman, DuPont Chieftess, should be fired with dispatch.

      Merely the out-spoken opinion of one individual retail investor with long positions in DD, MON, & SYT. funfundvierzig...funfun..

    • Here is what Kate Childless, DuPont representative had to say publicly in the Star Tribune yesterday, Monday, June 18, 2012:

      ...Each claim must be reviewed and verified. "That takes time," she said.

      Nationwide, current claims total $225 million and could reach $575 million, she said, adding that the final amount "is very uncertain."

      "UNCERTAIN" ??

      That means even the total figure for Imprelis claims processed internally by DuPont could be higher, much higher than $575 million!

      DD shareholders, investors, we are talking about $billions in losses and charges! Staggering Imprelis losses and charges! And Ms. Kullman, and her ninth floor ninnies at DuPont's World Headquarters of Sustainable Excellence in Wilmington, Delaware have mouthed nary a public word of accountability or apology for their massive mistake, the growing DuPont Imprelis Scandal.



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