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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Jul 7, 2013 1:58 PM Flag

    A "Terrific CEO" Commands A Multi-$Billion Fiasco! Imprelis, Tell Us!

    James Cramer Continues His Mindless Adulation of DuPont Chieftess, Ellen "you-know" Cull-Men. THE SUNDAY SIZE-UP

    Good Evening, Bonsoir, Guten Abend,

    Readers, for a second week in a row, the percussive carnival barker on CNBC, Jim Cramer, continues to fog-horn his viewers with shrieking hype on Ms. Cull-Men and her struggling DuPont conglomerate. The former he blared was nothing short of "a terrific CEO". Did he subconsciously mean "terrible"? We don't believe "a terrific CEO" would command and direct the biggest eco-disaster and most costly new product failure for her shareholders in the entire 21st century to date in corporate America! We are talking about a few $billion of destroyed and damaged landscaping trees across the face of the nation caused by Ms. Cull-Men's biggest advance in herbicide technology in 40 years...the fraudulently marketed "low impact", "very environmentally friendly" dandelion treatment for the lawn, DuPont Imprelis.

    Concomitant with his gushing glorification of the blond Ms. Cull-Men, the elfin entertainer also parroted her pretentious proclamation that DuPont is now a "science and technology company". WHAT? This old-line producer of dusty, dirty TIO2 (largest in the world), cyanide, sulphuric acid, commodity building supplies like Corian and Tyvek, commodity plastics, solar pastes, films, Teflon?

    To hype this bumbling CEO and her floundering conglomerate without once mentioning the largest new product bomb this century, Imprelis, is blatantly misleading to investors, if not dishonestly deceptive on the part of the conning Cramer. We won't even mention the Kullman Koolant for car A/C effectively banned from a third of the new car market by Mercedes, BMW, and Volkswagen because of its defective potentiality of exploding into a lethal toxic gas fireball according to independent investigations by Daimler's engineers.

    Merely THE SUNDAY SIZE-UP digitally penned by one individual retail investor and student of DuPont in

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