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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Aug 4, 2013 4:18 PM Flag

    Who Would Acquire DuPont Pioneer? Maybe BASF!

    Largest Chemical Company in the World Would Be An Excellent Fit


    Good Evening, Bonsoir, Guten Abend, Buenas Noches, Ni Hao,

    Readers, yesterday, Aug. 3, 2013, we speculated how an independent Pioneer, IPO'd or spun off or sold off, might monetise the assets of DuPont's seed house for the benefit of long-suffering DuPont shareholders. Sadly, the destructive duo of Chad Holliday and his hand-picked protege Ellen Kullman have left the DuPont Company in a unalloyed mess after 15 years of shabby management, and over-ripe for a break-up.

    Who might be interested in acquiring Pioneer? For starters, what about the largest chemical and materials enterprise on the planet? BASF based in Germany is three times the size of the much shrunken and shrinking DuPont. BASF towers over DuPont in revenues ($104 billion v. $35 billion in 2012) and stockholder equity ($34 billion v. $12 billion as of 03-31-13).

    While BASF leaders proudly proclaim they are in the business of making and selling chemicals, they have for some time been investing in seeds and biotechnological advancement of seeds. They have also partnered with the biggest and best seed company on the globe, superior-managed Monsanto, making for an unbeatable combination. Another dark house candidate: Bayer. We believe Dow Chemical despite its strength and size (twice as large as the diminished DuPont) would not want to incur the debt at this time to buy Pioneer.

    Speculating out loud, we believe DuPont Pioneer at the right price would be an excellent fit for BASF, and redound to the benefit of BASF shareholders as well as DD shareholders.

    Merely THE SUNDAY SIZE-UP digitally penned by one individual retail investor and long-time student of
    DuPont in decline...funfun..

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    • Folks, these sleazy hecklers from the DuPont Management camp are not here for any legitimate discussion amongst investors. They are here for PR damage control and to initiate ad homimen attacks and to distract you from considering critical issues in the seed and crop protection business and DuPont's brazenly bad business practices and failures. Imprelis, Tell Us.

      These dishonest creeps ape the corrupt culture of the DuPont Management they are obsessed to protect and
      to whom they are beholden...funfun..

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      • First of all, I'm not a DuPont manager (if that were true I'd be a happy camper and wealthier person indeed!) any more than you are. Perhaps you can provide some hard, verifiable evidence to support your false claim (but I doubt it). As you're a self-proclaimed long-time MON shareholder, I've asked you several times now on multiple boards about SYT competitor MON's position in S. Africa. That's certainly a legitimate topic of current importance worthy of discussion, given the recent expansion of DD's footprint there via their acquisition of Pannar. Is it not important that SYT shareholders know what competitors MON and DD are doing, as you always say, or have you been lying all this time? So, why the reluctance from you to provide some useful and relevant info directly about competitor MON for SYT readers here for discussion? As a long-time MON shareholder surely you keep abreast of what your holding is doing, don't you? It seems that you're the one who wants to avoid discussion about issues affecting SYT because you'd rather hijack this forum to propagate your hateful anti-DD agenda. You prove it with your every evasion and post.

    • Funfundvierzig, can't you put aside your hatred of all things DuPont for long enough to provide some real, useful info here for your fellow SYT shareholders? A few days ago I asked you, a self-proclaimed long-time holder and supporter of MON, about MON's interests in S. Africa. You've surely had plenty of time to dig up that info. Surely SYT shareholders here would appreciate hearing about competitor MON's S.Africa position, especially given the recent Pannar acquisition by competitor DD. So, why the delay? You seem to have plenty of time to pen your WEAK REVIEW and SUNDAY SLEAZE-UP but no time for issues like DD's Pannar purchase affecting SYT. Could it be you're just a "pretend" SYT shareholder, just like you're a "pretend" independent and impartial blogger spamming this board with your anti-DD rhetoric?

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