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  • ag_amem_mon ag_amem_mon Sep 1, 2013 10:23 AM Flag

    Seeds Question

    Zig, thought I'd check in and see how you were doing getting the answers to my MON vs SYT seed question. Everyone's looking forward to your sage counsel about it. I see you are all over the boards with other topics so far this weekend. So you must be all done and ready to discuss MON vs SYT seeds next week. Can't wait!

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    • Readers, this is not a query from a legitimate investor, but continuing and systematic personal harassment from unalloyed and unethical trash in the DuPont Management camp. This vindictive heckler apes the culture of dishonesty and dirty play of DuPont, a sick corporate culture all too familiar to the good people of Monsanto as well as of Syngenta and other DuPont competitors. ...funfun..

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      • Yes, Zig, I'm a DuPont manager in Ag&Nut, told you this many times. But still, why is MON or SYT better than DD/Pioneer? Let's talk technical here.

      • Zig, I am asking you nicely and politely AGAIN to provide the seed information for the benefit of SYT shareholders and readers here. I am not insulting you. You always say that you are a long time shareholder of both MON and SYT. So unlike many others you should be very very familiar with products from both companies. Your refusal to assist fellow SYT and MON shareholders by providing the requested info and discussion is puzzling. Unless of course your critics are correct and your claimed position as SYT and MON shareholder is just an excuse to be here to bash DD. What will SYT shareholders here think if you continue to avoids the question and won't help?

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