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  • notthatblind notthatblind Sep 22, 2013 9:14 AM Flag

    Ode to DD Basher funfundvierzig


    anti_bs_guy anti_bs_guy • Aug 27, 2013 8:21 AM Flag13 users liked this posts users disliked this posts 5 Reply The Basher’s Ode- A Salute
    Folks, my previous conversations here with alias fan_of_funfun made me realize bashers are a unique lot. They freely provide entertainment for rational-minded readers with no expectation of recompense. So, isn’t it appropriate that at least once a year we show our appreciation? We posters on the DD board have with us the Mutha’ of All Bashers, one who has fathered more aliases than most here can remember. So, after springtime Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations we so-called shills offer the following summer salute to bashers, inspired by basher alias fan_of_funfun and modeled (with apologies) after Howard Johnson’s famous M-O-T-H-E-R poem/song. Enjoy- and don’t forget to thank a basher for a laugh today!
    PS: The lines in parentheses are refrains for the musically gifted among you who prefer to sing, rather than recite, the ode and should be omitted during simple recitations.

    F is for the FALSEHOODS he posts daily,
    U is UNDERHANDED- it’s his way.
    N’s the NUTCASE some here say he’s really,
    F’s his FEAR “they’ll” I. D. him one day!
    (I. D. one day…)

    U is USELESS- that describes his “reports”,
    N’s NOBODY- THAT he’ll ALWAYS be.
    D’s the DESPERATION in his retorts,
    V’s the VITRIOL he spews for free!
    (He spews for free…)

    I’s for IMAGE- hypocrite and liar,
    E’s for EMPTYHEADED- not-that-bright!
    R’s his RE-POSTS- “SPAM” no one desires,
    Z’s his ZEALOTRY- posts day and night.
    (Posts day and night…)

    I’s for IGNORE- facts for him don’t matter,
    G’s for GALL- to pen his tales so tall.
    Put it altogether to get BASHER,
    and BOARD CLOWN laughed at here by one and all!
    (By one and all…)
    [Posted in Parody] Less

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Wow! Fellow SYT Shareholders, this continuing abuse and harassment from a proudly self-announced representative of DuPont shows how sick and weak this dysfunctional conglomerate in Delaware has become. On scores of occasions, this hostile heckler, "notthatblind" or "notthatbright", has told us she loves
      her job in DuPont AG, her bonuses paid by DuPont Management, and all things "DuPont". She appears to be planted on the internet doing crude PR damage control.

      Investors, any corporation whose avowed employees and masked operatives have to resort to launching systematic vindictive personal attacks on critics and dissenters over the internet and disrupt open and candid discussion on critical issues, is an extremely unethical, dishonest organisation with tonnes to hide! Such is the corrupt DuPont of the 21st century. And Syngenta's and Monsanto's good people know this well from all the documented fraud-mongering waged by sleazy DuPont Managers and operatives. DuPont Imprelis, Tell Us!

      Farmers and growers, do you really want to deal with these sleazy, "notthatbright" types in DuPont AG or trust their Imprelis-peddling DuPont Managers up the line?


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