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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Nov 15, 2013 7:05 AM Flag

    DuPont Pioneer Boss, P Schickler Puts Out Deceptive PR Bombast

    DuPont Execs Cannot Resist Trying to Fool Media, Investors with Dishonest Brainwashing! A CHEAT-to-COMPETE Culture Which Generated Tree-Killing Imprelis

    Good Morning, Bonjour, Guten Tag,

    Readers, DuPont Management and their PR con artists have splashed out a wordy PRESS RELEASE yesterday morning, Nov. 14, 2013, awkwardly worded, "Strong North America Performance Validates Corn Market Share Gain for DuPont". Seems at an investment pow-wow yesterday, Paul Schlickler "President of DuPont Pioneer, discussed the continued growth of the Pioneer business... as well as plans to extend its leading global position in seeds."

    "Leading"?? "Leading in seeds"?? Given the commercial reality that superior-managed Monsanto is the largest and leading seed enterprise in the world, this pretentious statement is deceptive PR bombast from DuPont Management. Fact is DuPont pays Monsanto hundreds of $millions every year in order to embed Pioneer's otherwise inferior seeds with Monsanto's superior GM traits! DuPont is the trailing spouse in the global seed business, like it or not. But Mr. Schickler and his PR pals will do anything to misrepresent DuPont's inferior and conspicuously lagging rank and to fool people, particularly farmers.

    Indeed and in fact, after the colossal embarrassing failure to develop and commercialise their first big genetically-modified seed trait, DuPont OptimumGAP, DuPont AG Management is still using this "Optimum" label tainted with failure, such as the clumsy name DuPont OPTIMUM AquaMax for marketing corn. Successful players go with winning names, not losing names!

    Merely the morning commentary of one individual investor and long-time student of the declining and
    deceptive DuPont...funfun..

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    • Continuing harassment from the unethical trash in the DuPont Management camp, Folks. Since many of these hostile hecklers stalking and systematically attacking independently-speaking investors have announced proudly they are DuPont employees, erstwhile and active, you get a good idea with these kind of stupid and petty people why DuPont is such a pronounced laggard behind Monsanto in seeds, and Syngenta in crop protection!

      Imprelis, Tell Us! ...funfun..

      • 2 Replies to funfundvierzig
      • Zig play fair. Don't forget to tell these good SYT folks YOU were also a career DD employee. In the interest of FULL DISCLOSURE of course. Retired after more than 20 years in a career working for DD right? So you're also one of those stupid petty people you complain about? Why else would you spend the last 11+ years of your life on these boards ragging about your former employer? That about says it all.
        Zig, why don't you tell people here why you stayed if DD was so bad. Couldn't get a BETTER job elsewhere Zig? No company wanted a guy like you who spent his time compaining about his employer? Superior-managed SYT and other companies were smart enough to see right through you? What a surprise!
        Tell us funfundvierzig, tell us! And don't give us that same tired old refrain about harrassment and how your free speech is shackled here because people dare to criticize your off-topic anti-DD posts.

      • As a DuPont Ag manager, think I know better than you where DuPont stands in the Ag business? Ya think? Monsanto is clearly Numero Uno in seeds, and has been for a decade. Syngenta is 2nd best globally. But DuPont getting the Bronze Medal in Ag business ain't bad, is it?

        Optimum GAT? Anyone with half a brain inside the DuPont Ag business knew that was doomed to fail. Tell us, funfundvierzig, tell us, something we don't know!

    • Oops! Looks like our DuPont basher is at it again guys. Guess he gets confused and thinks he's still on the DD board. One too many martinis again last night Zig? Reposting the same junk here he posted yesterday on the DD board. Could you guys please post your latest and best entry point advice for SYT. And I want to hear from ALL of you. Thanks.

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