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  • funfundvierzig funfundvierzig Dec 4, 2013 2:40 PM Flag

    A Big DuPont Biofool Misleads Investors With PR Bombast on Leadership

    Jimmie Crack Corn Collins Dupes Investors, Claiming DuPont Is the Ag Leader in the World!

    Good Afternoon, Bonsoir, Guten Abend,

    Readers, yesterday, Dec. 3, 2013, at the Citi 6th Annual Basic Materials conference, DuPont Senior V.P. Jimmie Collins let loose with this whopper:

    " We [DuPont] have three clear priorities, the first is to extend our leadership in the high-value science-driven segments of the agriculture and food value chain..."

    "our leadership"??

    This puffery and hype by Jim Collins, DuPont Senior Vice President of Performance Materials & Biosciences is misleading and deceptive to investors. First of all, Monsanto is the clear-cut leader in seed biotechnology and the largest and most innovative seed enterprise on the globe. Syngenta is the largest and leading corporation in ag chemicals and crop protection in the world. And Novozymes is the global leader in food additives and enzymes. The much shrunken and identity-confused DuPont is a follower in the ag arena, second-place, if not second rate.

    DuPont's "leadership"?

    DuPont Management has developed and delivered the biggest, most costly new product failure and ensuing environmental disaster in 21st century corporate America. Tree-killing DuPont Imprelis, a falsely, if not fraudulently marketed "eco-SAFE", "very environmentally friendly" dandelion lawn treatment has killed or damaged more than $2 billion of mature landscaping trees across the country, triggering tens of thousands of legal claims.

    Some "leadership", which Mr. Collins carefully ignores.

    Merely the opinion and observation of one individual retail investor, long MON, SYT, and long and short

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    • funfundvierzig, who is really arguing with you here about the wasted hundreds of millions blown on Biofools or that Imprelis has nearly broken the Ag business?

      Time to quit repeating points that everyone here agrees about with you.

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      • Readers, for the record, we post exclusively under our long-established I.D., funfundvierzig or "funfun". One more sleazy lie that the harassing, unethical trash in the DuPont Management camp constantly play is all dissent and differing viewpoints come from a single poster with multiple aliases. Dishonest
        PR damage control.

        We always post and sign off our commentaries and messages on the Yahoo! boards as funfundvierzig or funfun, and we fully disclose we are a shareholder, amongst others of MON, SYT, DOW, AVD, and short and long DD...funfun.

      • Zig I can answer your question. You asked "who is really arguing with you here?" The answer is YOU. Quit arguing with yourself through your Ag_ameNN_mon ALIAS. And trying to fool readers into thinking ANYONE else supports you except your own ALIASES. And start answering readers' questions about SYT. Like this one:

        Which seed products are better, SYT's or MON's, and why?

        I answered your question. So how about answering mine? Inquiring investors want to know.

        Tell us Zig, tell us!

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