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  • cocasts cocasts Feb 15, 2005 12:28 PM Flag

    IMH in the "penalty box"

    no public offerings until compliance.

    no dividend guidance.

    reduced TI earnings which is lower then current dividend.

    folks, this is even worse then i expected.

    what a mess.


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    • Cocast shorts at NFI and now IMH--trying to drive panic selling. Hold on or buy would be the smart thing. Only panic amateurs will sell right now and take an unecessary loss.

      No dividend guidance has been SOP for IMH since the beginning of time until the official date. No problem there and what was expected.

      Didn't say no public offerings--said more cumbersome and that they would soon be in compliance.

      Great last quarter.

      As for TI--I didn't hear him say that it was lower than dividend, but I might have missed something since I got distrated a few times--but since cocast has the first two issues distorted I will have to listen to the replay---CC is still happening.

    • add to that the the results of operations have not been signed off by the auditors. This gets better and better. I've been holding since $12...

      Still...from $12 a $2.50 divi is not that bad...where else can I get that return?