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  • Cheli97 Cheli97 Mar 13, 2001 8:30 PM Flag

    Lumm Posters are drinking or smoking

    something 500.00 for lumm or 50.00 please go back to sleep you drunks and dopeheads.I purchased 5000 shares at 5.00 2 months ago if it goes to 6.00 I will throw a party.What are these dreams based on look at avnx bkhm jdsu I can go on and on if lumm goes to 50.00 they should all get to 250.00

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    • This Litton news is very welcome, and it validates Lumenon, but some caution is in order.

      This is a very tough market, and it's very much a "show me the $$" climate. We need more news like this, and more than anything, we need some decent sales, which will hopefully come during OFC, or after.

      Once we get a high $ order, then we can zoom :-)

    • they are drinking and smoking, and that's the problem...... it's a question of what they are drinking and smokin' that's the problem... Do you really think that one partner is going to make the stock price go up ?? Get real - how many partners do AVNX have, what about JDSU, and BKHM, and look at them ! Plus they have customers, revenues and cash flow which we can't say about this turkey. Go hide your heads in the sand, but I would not get too excited about this, it is not a big deal, and you bunch of cheerleaders are so desparate, that you will clutch at anything for some hope. This PR does not mean any more $$, it just means that two companies agreed to co-operate, nothing more nothing less. How many partners does Litton have ? Any criticism of this stock is met with ignores and ridicule - you folks only want to hear the good news, or any news that you can interpret as good news - what about the facts ?
      This stock will drop to $2, and then $1, and then will be delisted, mark my words.....

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      • Bottomfeeders, you and Don could fight the blow it out of proportion match of the century. Both of you need to get real, LUMM going to $1 could happen or it could go to $500. But saying MARK MY WORDS! give me a break, so your going to Guarantee me that it goes down to $1.

        Yes this is a good partnership, does not guarantee $ but makes it alot more feasable. Our market cap is $140M, now if we are worth 1.4B then it's ten times the price. I can live with that! Now we all need to be reasonable, not like the analysts that downgrade a company when it drops 90%, why didn't they do it earlier? Well the point is don't blow i out of proportion, and i'm suprised that Don has not brought down his price target, even though I feel that his is more reasonable than $1.

        Good Luck Being Short, we finally cleared out the riff raff yesterday, now we should be at a bottom. Hey you gotta lot of sack being short in a oversold market like this.


      • It isn't, eh.

        Sleep tight. I'll tell you just how big a deal it is tomorrow prior to the opening panic.


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