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  • longtimefollower longtimefollower Feb 19, 2013 11:28 PM Flag

    No conference call? Company is circling the wagons.

    That's utterly despicable. Shareholders have the right to ACCOUNTABILITY. At the very least, we have a right to know what the HIGHEST OFFER was, for the company. If they are unwilling to reveal that, I certainly hope that Alex Meruelo goes over 10% in March, calls a special meeting, and gets rid of the whole board.

    There's simply no credibility, when a board puts its shareholder base through the last 6+ months of nonsense, and then doesn't have the respect for us to give any indication of what actually happened. FIRE THE BOARD!

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    • Actually no conf call could be positive if you are looking for a sale. I experienced this situation last year with Talbots. Completely different business but similar circumstance. Private investor took large position in Talbots- then Talbots adopts poison pill. Private investor offers non binding $3.00 bid when stock was at $2.25-2.50. Private investor then has access to books and withdraws offer the same day earnings are announced. Earnings happened to be bad!!! Talbots then pre records conf call with no questions. All happens on Friday before Memorial Day 2012. Stock plummets to $1.29 share! Low and behold after long weekend Tuesday morning Talbots and private investor (Stephan Kaluzny) agree to a lower price of $2.75 a share squeezing shorts from the $1.29 the previous trading day. See some similarity here perhaps.... Meaning offer $10 when you know stock would plunge after no news and bad quarter. Btw- Clinton group is in for $ 10.30 per share avg ber Barron's a few weeks back...

    • Would you have Neil Nguyen face interested parties two days before you fire him after the unmitigated disaster called DG's 2012 performance?