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  • ski_it_all ski_it_all Nov 19, 2012 8:43 PM Flag

    Sad state of affairs

    I tried for years. Called names and you know all that crap. I am sorry for those of you that lost on this POS! But if you learn one thing from this pig, it is this. When you see the likes of a poster like Bull understand the pumping that is going on. When someone cant post anything negative. Not one thing about the company or management, RUN!

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    • You have been right, but this company has customers, sales and IP in a hot sector. They have proven the product works and its in production. To many warrants and investor $'s to let this one go BK. Yesterday was a great shake out of shares and I think we have a company that will be cash flow positive this quarter and in 2013. Fijitsu, IBM and HPQ are all utilizing the product, so worse case scenario is they sell off the company. I will admit they don't have a ton of leverage, but getting .40-.50 a share is a price that would happen before liquidation. Though I'd admit to taking .25 a share and running out the door at this point.

    • let an anonymous message board poster influence what I do or don't do with my shares.