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  • techstockguru_2000 techstockguru_2000 Dec 11, 2012 1:11 PM Flag

    "was it over when the German's bombed Pearl Harbor" Hell No!

    I actually think we are finally at good levels for this stock. IP and assets with small debt makes this worth a few $'s in a sell off. Rod and Jim should be out looking for a buyer at this point. I've watched many of companies go BK, but these guys still have good clients and products that work. Time to take the cash and move on. To bad Rod didn't get the $3 - $4 a share he could of when ON2 was being bought by Google for $150+ million. Rod had to have had offers (i'm speculating), but thought foolishly this was a $10 a share stock. It might have been, but obviously his executive management skills and strategy failed miserably. Now he needs to do the right thing and liquidate the remaining assets so the shareholders can at least get something. I bought a few more shares at the .08 level and hoping BCST does the right thing at this point.

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    • When did the German's bomb pearl harbor?

      You may be confused on more than just history based on your post.

      What significant clients remain that you are talking about?

      I guess Vunder is significant if you call making a deal with yourself a win?

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      • John Belushi's great speech during the movie Animal House when he referred to the German's instead of Japan. One of the great lines in a Comedy movie. They still have several banks including ZION's, plus Goodyear, Fujitsu, IBM and they have 1/2 dozen OTT contracts outside Vunder. Also, they have BAC until April 1st and enough time to bring in a bigger deal or sell the place. Believe me I'm #$%$ at management and especially the bumbling fool Rod Tiede. Take some time and watch the movie Animal House as its a classic like Caddy Shack.