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  • liesanddamnlies liesanddamnlies Feb 25, 2004 8:21 PM Flag

    Time value of $

    From where we are a rise to a buck is around a 20% increase, any guesses about how long to wait. I believe 5 months. Some will say 20% in 5 months is too long to wait but there will not be anything to drive the price up for a while. We just went thru the best quarter MCZ has ever had so what is going to propel the stock price forward. Expenses will not come down by the end of this quater so I expect that MCZ will not have the best quarter coming up.

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    • OK; let's start from the beginning. A 20% drop from a dollar would be 20 cents. Now, if a stock at 80 cents moved up to a buck, that would be a 25% gain.


    • Stocks are not traded up or down just because of news. If that were to be the case then all of the OTC BB stocks would be trading in $1000's rather than pennies. Almost all of the stocks there release a PR every week.

      If we go by your theory then that would mean we would go up only in Sept-Dec timeframe since thats the best quarter. And all of the other quarters it will only go down or stay there. Since there wont be any buyers.

      But thats not how things work. Take a look at MCZ's last year graph, what happened. It should have just stayed in the $.60 range forver. Did it??? No. Because stocks always trade in a range and they draw curves. We had a down curve, we have to have an up curve to substantiate it.

      When, nobody knows. But ofcourse it wont be 5 months for sure. You can mark this post if you like.

      Gl. :)

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      • I apologize for not communicating better. MCZ responded well to news and has in the past along with the technical movements that stocks make as well. And I have followed MCZ's range and agree that MCZ will go back up, but I do not see why the stock would go up from here before it drops further. I may be wrong here but I thought P/E ratios were typically high for rapidly growing stocks and for MCZ to get to 1.00 then the P/E will be around 100 which seems high for MCZ when the sales have not kept up with the growth that the company had been experiencing.

        XBOX did better than expected, and N-GAGE did worse than expected and couple that with expenses that continue to rise and I question why investors would push MCZ to 1.00 inthe next 4,5 months.

        Thanks for any comments.

      • I hope it won't be 5 months to $1 because after deciding this is an impossible situation I can't wait to exit. The "Big Drop" got me caught in this small player in a large market. MCZ may not make it given their niche situation and lack of capital. I was in Best Buy and nothing from MCZ was on the shelf - it was not sold out, either. How can this company compete if they don't have the level of money needed to play? Remember, Microsoft does not have the best software it is just their product is installed and things revolve around it. MCZ is hardly in this situation and IMO will disappear. So much for my trying out small caps.

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