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    • I went to my local Wal-Mart and at that time, they were low on MCZ stuff. Either it sold (good news) or? The folks running the VG departmt. were busy W/ customers, so I could not ask any ?s

      It seem kind of strange that MCZ did the Fire International buy-back and also announced VG sector is in downcline.

      Will we now see a PIPE (even at this price level), or early next quarter 2006? Seems to be some price stabilization at this range.
      End of year tax sales by smaller investors will probably kill this stock for next few weeks?
      Its beginning to look like these guys (MCZ) do not have the cash to keep in the VG business? Therefore, is a buy-out on the horizon? Either MCZ makes some more acquisitions and gets enough cash to go big-time or its slowly to be ground into the dust. MCZ is carrying the ball for MSFT and SONY and all we get for it is the chance to make write-offs?

      I could see someone like ATVI or THQI being able to utilize MCZ custom controllers and etc. gear in their business dealing with movie and media Cos. like MVL (who might itself want MCZ-style gear dedicated to its character universe). Will take all comments.

    • Wow, I didn't know the board was supposed to be about posting useless links. I wish I'd known that before because I was enjoying the board as a place for people to exchange ideas. Now that I know it's for asshole pumpers with multiple aliases to blather on with their rah-rah crap and for idiots to post useless links to self-evident bullshit, I'll try not to enjoy it as much. Not that you're giving me much choice, anyway.

    • NFL controllers. 17 teams sold out for PS2 and 14 for xbox. I do not knof if that is good or not based on the fact that we cannot stock their stores. I guarantee if they were put on the store shelves all of the teams would be sold out. DOes anyone know how many controllers walmart has of all teams and whether we are able to restock their warehouses. I am pretty mad that we can not distribute these fast enough.

    • Very informative, and really interesting.

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