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  • jmatson.rm jmatson.rm Dec 24, 2005 7:28 PM Flag


    I'm sure you're a lovely person and all, but let's leave the MCZ pumps alone for now.

    It's Christmas.

    You're not really relating new news to anyone here. In fact you're making a fool of yourself.

    My guess is that you're lonely.

    I'm starting to see why.

    Give it a rest.


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    • ..."though I do suspect that atomic energy IS WAY over mankind's head."

      Yep...and I think the nations that have that power realized it too, as did some of the original "founders". I think that is the only reason it has not been used....the first time scared everybody beyond belief and more research just made them realize how little knowledge and control we could have over those reactions.

    • Some have wondered what our world would be like without computers.

      I, for one, think we each possess the ability to discern what are and can be, the positives and negatives of computers (or any other device, method, philosophy or technology). Its what we do with them, though I do suspect that atomic energy IS WAY over mankind's head.

      H. Rap Brown . . . said it all . . . violence is as American as apple pie. Its part of the equation of life. Perhaps we cannot end violence, but we need not endorse its effects by our free will?

    • "4. Video games may instill violence, otherwide why is military using them for part of its specialized training programs (e.g. to operate drones 'Kill is our Mission in Real-Time Today!'."


      The military is using computers as a part of specialized training too.....maybe we should get rid of computers because they also may be being used to instill violence...

    • Nice find.


      1. We are not developing or using a teaching model nowdays, that fosters independence or self-actualization in our young people. The NWO does not seem tailored to the pioneer-type of individual. The nesting behavior of drones is the model for citizenery? Big brother says "Be Happy!" and everyone smiles.

      2. Our diet intake of artifical preservtives and bulking chemicals seems very much to be a major component of body weight increase.

      3. Our fat-intake is execessive, IF we are predominantly in passive body action mode, most of the day--sitting at school, work and home.

      4. Video games may instill violence, otherwide why is military using them for part of its specialized training programs (e.g. to operate drones 'Kill is our Mission in Real-Time Today!'. Killing can be called 'self-defense' and low-level consciousness mind-sets, can be hyponotized into accdepting this as target behavior. The A type agressive personality is violence mode receptive. Why would there be a difference between electronic druging effects and chemical intake of drugs? Insanity has differing thesholds of enactment.

      Those who are Personality type-B centered, are able to process out violence in favor of posltive role modeling. These young people and adults tend to make poor expressors of physical violence. That does not, however, mean they will not sacrfice themselves for the common good and undertake humanitarian acts where they are placed in danger. These are the folks that can be trainned to undertake 'remote violence', e.g. the electronic battlefield of the future. A 'kill' is more easily equated and rationalizible to Game Points; when fear, humanity towards a dying enemy, and loss of self-respect due to conflict with eternalized morals is lessened?

    • It REALLY would be nice to have Golf game and the other games take off BIG for MCZ.

      I merely reported some difference of opinion that I encountered to the board.

      The party I talked to thought Dance Mat has little chance to be successful in USA.
      NOW . . . IF MCZ were to have a PR and advertising, with top USA musical C-Ds and movie T-V Star show episodes using the Dance Mat in fun and funny ways . . . YES personally would suspect the dance Mat to take off here. There has to be some science to marketing . . . "To The Moon!" doesn't get it going. MSFT could be great use herein.

      Imagine home parties where folks do the Karokey-Dance on the Mat. Or, Mom dances with baby and the kids.

      Exercise Regime added to the console Mat game would have been a wise move . . . and sold to all exercise programs? They probably missed that idea. Lets see IF they are smart enough to try it?

      NOTE; to mcz

      I WILL BE EXPECTING SOME ROYALTIES from the above exercise chip use, under common law copyright rights.

      Translation: We don't use stockholder posted ideas.

    • He is contributing something of value to the board unlike many posters that post countless worthless posts that make me want to take back teh 10 seconds I have to read them. Kepp it up as I appreciate the posts.

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