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  • jayand777 jayand777 Jan 3, 2013 12:53 PM Flag


    Every board on Yahoo, including this one, has mostly garbage with just a few diamonds. In this case, Hopeful, you are one of the few diamonds. I appreciate all the effort you put forth. You have clearly learned a great deal about this company, and profited from that hard work over the years.

    For me, this is nothing more than a trade. And the reason it is not an investment? The CEO. I get incredibly frustrated at his pompous attitude. He does absolutely NOTHING that is shareholder friendly. No updates, no returned calls, no clarity on complicated developments, no NOTHING. He clearly feels that he owes NOTHING to his shareholders, that they are but a nuisance to him.

    Furthermore, I am more and more gaining doubts about the recently ended quarter. It would have been very easy to add a paragraph in today's release indicating "preliminary Q3 revenues", if this worthless CEO had good news waiting and wanted to throw a bone to his shareholders. On top of ZERO public clarification on the October and November ebitda waiver, I am beginning to see the handwriting on the wall. I truly hope I am wrong and it was a good quarter. And by good, I mean anything exceeding $57M in revenues. Because I will exit this stock and CEO forever the moment the stock surpasses about .70 cents. I had earlier planned to wait for a potential buyout of the company, but I so loathe this CEO's attitude, that I will sell much sooner.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Jay, I really don't think they have a snowball's chance in H E double hockey sticks to hit $57mil in revenue. Go back and listen to the last cc, the CEO guided pretty clearly to about +15% verses year ago. This would mean about 51 or 52million.

    • Jay you are assuming the CEO actually WANTS to support the share price. All indications since the PIPE, lack of communication around product delays, sounding like the world is about to end on each CC, not marketing to institutions, the 8K, no guidance.... may suggest otherwise. I was attracted to this stock because of the turnaround and growth story which remains intact IMO and the CEO deserves credit for that. His performance with regard to shareholder communication is nothing short of appaling. As someone put it earlier today, maybe insiders prefer the roller coaster ride than a stable stock price.

    • Thanks, friend....and I hear you on your frustrations. I'm guessing most of us longs feel that way. I'm here because I think I'll end up making money on MCZ again. However, I also have become displeased with the lack of attempt to befriend shareholders in a more respectful manner. I'm hoping that the 8k had an alternative explanation to anything negative....I say hoping because it appears that sales went well across the quarter every time I checked the bestselling lists I check. Management made no effort to help us understand, though. So, again, the feelings you express in the post are certainly feelings a shareholder can hold here. I wish management seemed more concerned with regard to its relationship to investors.

      As to giving us a preliminary picture....they may have that and they may not. MCZ did give a preliminary picture back in 2005 or 2006.....trying to recollect, so my time table may be off....think it was 2006. I believe the picture was given in the mid to latter part of January....could be off on that too.....I know it was given during January. The CFO may need a bit more time to come up with an accurate revenue, even if they wanted to give that out, they may not have it just yet. When they do, I'd love to see a preliminary number too.

      Thanks, Hopeful

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