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  • hopeful200 hopeful200 Feb 8, 2013 5:24 PM Flag

    a final thought here

    I've basically already signed off this board since earnings. I still hoped for better this quarter even though I admit that it was not so bad relative to results and statements made by the likes of LOGI, etc. You have to build your expectations based on what you learn from the cc. The transcript from the 2nd fiscal quarter back in November is still available. If I was to read it right now, it would still lead me to have been more optimistic although I acknowledged here that the words coming from others who reported prior to mcz made me more skeptical toward my own expectations built from that 2nd quarter cc.

    Anyway, there's notthing to really discuss for now. Those that high-five disappointment can surely manage this board and have much to revel over. It's not a pleasant place for real investors to hang out anyway. This report has given us longs little to say until something changes it.

    I don't like being rude. While I don't owe a "so long," I'm a fairly regular, I'm giving a "so long" since I'm not going to participate here.

    Second purpose to saying "so long" is to offer an opinion which I believe is a fairly plausible hypothesis about what's ahead..

    In a single statement, longs, including myself, are fairly "worn down" after this report did not give us the spark we hoped for....I believe this statement captures the essence of the sentiment of a person who has stayed the course. A trader is not ever going to stay the course with any stock investment as that would make "trader" an oxymoron descriptive....but investors will weather storms if they feel the situation is developing positively.

    I think the reality is that much postive has transpired for mcz company since 2007, especially. However, when the the most patient investors get "worn down," someone can relieve them at a song of a price. My final thought here is that I see the opportunity for someone to present a lowball bid on the company and successfully take the company at a cheaper price than would otherwise be possible if sentiment weren't so worn down. The savvy would-be buyer is fresh, not worn down with mcz, and therefore knows when a firs sale is hypothesis is that odds favor a bid coming this year. IMO...and, again, so long.


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    • How is being realistic "high fiving disappointment"??

      How many times have you said, "so long" to this message board and come back time and time?

      Personally, I think cheerleading a pennystock is far more irresponsible to would-be "investors" (investor just being a polite synonym for bagholder) than bashing a company that doesn't have a lot of potential.

    • I wish you well hopeful, your posts helped me and others alot. keep the faith alive!

    • name your price. mine is 50m, 60 tops.

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      • On being acquired:

        If they stop pumping money into R&D, that would save them $3-$4 million a year.

        If high paying posititions like Darren's, Whitney's, etc were eliminated, that would be another $2.5 million a year.

        Being absorbed by another public company or a private firm eliminates about $1 million of public listing requirements per year.

        Being bought with cash eliminates approximately $2.5 million in banking expenses per year.

        New lineup of proprietary, high margin products combined with cost cuttig means they could easily start banking $7-8 million a year, They already average $4 million a year.

        That totals $17 million!!! They get $120-$170 million.

        After hearing Darren speak, i firmly believe they are shopping the company or are looking for funds to take it private. A part of me thinks they've tasted gold with Tritton and now want to take it private and keep all the fruit for themselves. A buyout with the removal of the board i'll be ok with but taking it private by the same individuals that run the company will be fraudulent in my opinion.

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