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  • microcaptrader microcaptrader May 2, 2013 11:35 PM Flag

    Given the bounce, I would have expected a bit more chatter...

    guess there's nobody left but us diehards. I hope so, cuz that's just the way I like it!

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    • I'm here but I've been in lurk mode for quite a while, for my mild amusement... I have no idea what this price action means but I got in at .41 a few weeks ago, for the figurative long-haul. It doesn't seem to like being under .40.

    • Good observation and I agree with you. I've continued to notice that over the last year or so that more and more message boards have much less posting activity than 5 or 10 years ago. This is a bullish indicator to me since I think it means many retail investors and small operators are still on the sidelines. Boards like HSII, LOJN, BODY, VTSI, UVE, NAVR and on and on get very few posts....MCZ is starting to fall into that category as well.

      I hope we see another day of 500k volume or better and a few more pennies up.

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      • Taking the 10-year horizon, there is also a huge effect from the aging of a population of traders in their 20's, a lot of them the children of wealthy families in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore, and Asian-Americans in the US. Now in their 30's and early 40's, some have moved into their family businesses and are occupied in replacing their retiring parents, and some have converted their technical analysis skills into the exponential growth of poker tournaments.

        This is the population that provided a lot of the "hot" money fueling the tech-stock boom of the late '90's, and their absence is in part why we see less volatility now. And the degradation of the Yahoo message boards is a close second, like "_blat" says.

      • I also think that Yahoo has damaged these boards by their periodic monkeying. And even as I hardly care that our forked tongued bashers are gone, I think the reduction in Internet anonymity is also hurting. Lack of freedom represses human engagement, especially in a near security state, which is what we have in the country now..

    • I'm sure the wet blanket of a potential lawsuit doesn't encourage much exchange of opinions. I sure have a bunch, but guess I'll just keep 'em to myself.

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